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Pok mon Go: Arena Guide - Game Mode Tips and Tricks

In the summer of 2017, the Pokémon Go arenas In the course of the introduction of the Pokémon Go Raids and the one-year anniversary of the mobile hit, it underwent a major overhaul. Many disruptive and controversial mechanics such as the prestige system have been removed or replaced with new ones (such as the motivation system of the Defender Pokémon).

In addition to the basic function of the arenas - in which trainers can compete with their Pokémon and fight for the dominance of an arena - the new arenas are now also used for raid battles. The developers have also tweaked many subtleties in order to make the arenas a new, better and clearer gaming experience for the fans.

Of course, on the other hand, this means that even experienced players have to deal with the Pokémon Go arenas again. This is exactly where we want to give you a hand. We have created various pages around the big topic of Pokémon Go Arena, which should help you with any questions you may have.

Here you can find out all the details about the changes and their impact on the game. But we also explain the more fundamental points like the arena teams and how you conquer, occupy and defend arenas. A big and important point here is the fight itself: Which Pokémon are best suited for attack and defense and how does this relate to the new motivational system? You read that in detail. Not to forget: The reason why you take part in the arena fights. After all, there are loads of items, coins and medals to be earned here.

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Pokémon Go Arena - How to capture, occupy, or create your own arena

Before we get into the details, you should familiarize yourself with the basics. On the following page we go into the requirements to take part in the arena battles. In addition, we clarify the difference between neutral and occupied arenas and tell you which new rules apply so that you can take possession of an arena. Finally, we will deal with the question of whether and how you can create your own arena.

Pokémon Go - capture, attack and occupy arena, create your own arena

Pokémon Go Arena - How to properly attack and fight

An important question that we will ask ourselves comprehensively on the following page. In addition to some minor changes to the appearance and menu navigation, the fights also experienced a few more far-reaching innovations - for example the new motivational system for the Defender Pokémon.

That is why we go through the whole process of a duel step by step with you and explain everything important to you, from the basic control principle to the new structure of the fights. We'll tell you what requirements you have to meet in order to finally knock a Defender Pokémon out of the arena and what criteria play a role in choosing your Pokémon and your team composition.

Pokémon Go - Arena Battles: How to Win in the Gym

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Defend Pokémon Go Arena: How do you increase motivation and which Pokémon are the best defenders?

Now that the topics of attacking and conquering an arena have been clarified, let's take a closer look at the opposite situation next. Once you have secured an arena, you will of course want to keep it for as long as possible in order to benefit from the advantages. However, with the revision of the arena system, a lot has changed on the defender side - for example, each trainer can now only park one Pokémon for defense.

In addition, the new motivation system is now significantly effective. Accordingly, it is essential for arena defense that you choose the right defender and keep the motivation of the Pokémon posted in the arena high. How this works with motivation in detail, what is important when choosing Pokémon and which monsters are best suited as defenders, you can find out on the page:

Pokémon Go - Defend Arena: Increase motivation and the best Defender Pokémon

Pokémon Go Arena Rewards - How to get Arena Medals, Coins and Items

Fight in arenas and, above all, your own arena, offer you many advantages in Pokémon Go. One of the most important rewards are the Poké coins, which you can only earn for free with the help of an arena. It should be noted that with the revision of the arenas there were also some changes here. The way in which the amount of coins earned is calculated has been adapted to the new defense rules.

There is also a new daily limit. In addition to the changes to the coins, there are also some new features waiting for the rewards. This includes, for example, the new photo disc that you can now find at every arena and that provides you with additional items. In addition, you can now earn so-called arena medals at every arena, which bring you certain advantages. You can find all the details on these important topics on the following pages:

Pokémon Go - earn coins in the arena, buy in the shop, spend

Unlock and earn Pokémon Go - Arena medals, coins and items

Pokémon Go Arena - which team is the best? Can i change my team?

One point that has been largely spared from changes in the revision of the arenas are the three arena teams, one of which you have to join in order to be allowed to fight in the arena. Most of you are probably already part of a team.

However, if you are still faced with this question and want to know what advantages a team offers and whether a team is better than the others, you should take a look at the following pages. In addition to the question of which team is best to join, we clarify the recurring question of whether you can change your team.

Pokémon Go - Daring, Wisdom, and Intuition: Choose and Join the Best Team

Pokémon Go: change the name, change the appearance and change teams

How do I find arenas and raids?

This question arises particularly often when you are out and about outside your usual location. Of course, the in-game map and the "Nearby" tab are good starting points for this question. In addition, you can also get a lot of helpful tips and map overviews from third-party apps and websites.

There you can find out where you can find an arena or when and where a raid is taking place. In addition, they often provide other useful information such as where you can often encounter certain Pokémon or where PokéStops are available. We have dug our way through the countless offers and present you the (in our opinion) best services on the following page.

Pokémon Go - Map and Maps (Berlin and more), Raid Map

Pokémon Go Arena - What do the timers and eggs mean and which raid bosses appear in the arena?

As mentioned at the beginning, in addition to the arena battles, the Pokémon Go Raids will now take place in the arenas. They are indicated on the map by a countdown and an egg over the arena. What information you can read from it and which raid battles you can participate in, you can find out on the page:

Pokémon Go - Raid Eggs: Which Pokémon hatch and their level of difficulty