There is a lot of TV broadcast in 4K

ProSieben in UHD

To receive the UHD offers, ProSiebenSat.1 relies on a variety of reception channels: parallel to the live broadcast in SD and HD, the UHD programs can be received via the Astra satellite on the UHD1 channel via HD +. You can find more details on this in the instructions below.

How to receive ProSieben in UHD

  1. Check requirements:
    ›UHD-enabled television
    ›Satellite reception
    ›HD + receiver (HD + module, HD + UHD receiver or HD + TVkey)
  2. Find station:
    ›Find UHD1 by Astra / HD + in the channel list or
    ›Carry out a station search:

    Received data UHD1 by Astra / HD +:

    frequency 10,994 MHz
    polarization Horizontal
    Symbol rate 22,000 MS / s
    FEC 5/6
  3. Switch on UHD1 by Astra / HD + and enjoy UHD

Stefan explains how it's done here

Tips for online playback (catchup)

The playback quality basically depends on the available bandwidth and hardware equipment. In addition, some device manufacturers only support certain codecs, which can lead to playback or compatibility problems, especially when reproducing the extended color space (HDR). Our videos are transcoded in various streaming codecs and quality levels and are delivered differently depending on the device and browser.

We are working on supporting as many and other device and browser variants as possible. In the following list you will find a selection of compatible devices or possible restrictions (no guarantee or claim to completeness):

  • Apple devices (Safari, iOS, iOS Native, AppleTV)
    All customers receive all variants. HDR10 is used on HDR-capable devices (AppleTV-4K, i PhoneX, iPhone 8).
  • Chrome browser
    The browsers are operated with HDR (HLG) 4k in the VP9 codec. Note: If there is enough bandwidth available but the hardware cannot accelerate the VP9, ​​playback may be jerky and the CPU may be overloaded. Mobile restrictions may apply.
  • Android (Native apps)
    Playback works with SDR videos.
  • Samsung Tizen Apps
    Works on most newer models (2017/2018). If necessary only with SDR.

You can find more information about the advantages of UHD and HDR at The UHD information portal of the German TV platform offers, among other things, a database of UHD devices that support HDR.