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ZfA video competition in Canada: "Living Democracy"

Thank you for your great commitment! The jury had a lot of fun with your videos. The winners have now been determined. We congratulate everyone and thank you for your participation and creative contributions!

Also this year numerous PASCH schools from all over Canada have participated with creative contributions in the video competition of the ZfA-Fachberatung in Edmonton and Toronto. The exciting competition topic “Living Democracy” was expanded to include the component “Democracy in a pandemic” in some of the contributions.

There were placements in three groups: the basic level (primarily 1st / 2nd grade), the intermediate level with contributions from 1-2 students and then the intermediate level with group contributions. Below is the list of all placements.

Congratulations to all winners who contributed to the success of the competition with their original cinematic contributions. A special thank you this year also goes to the family members who, in the times of Corona, helped shape some contributions with distance learning and in some cases made them possible in the first place.

These are the winners

Compilation of all winning videos


Elementary level

1st place: German Language School (DSS) Ottawa with the contribution "Democracy - Breakfast in 2nd Class"

2nd place: DSS Halton with the contribution "Democracy 2020 (1st / 2nd grade)"

3rd place: DSS Montréal West Island with the contribution "Democracy: 6- to 8-year-old children explain what democracy means to them"

Intermediate level (1 to 2 students)

1st place: German International School Toronto, contribution "Democracy during a pandemic (comment)"
1st place: GIST, contribution "Democracy in everyday life"

2nd place: Chief Peguis Middle School Winnipeg, contribution "Democracy at home"
2nd place: Chief Peguis Middle School Winnipeg, contribution "Democracy"

3rd place: DSS Vancouver Westside, contribution "The Origin of Democracy"
3rd place: Chief Peguis Middle School Winnipeg, contribution "Democracy (Interview)"

4th place: DSS Friedrich Schiller Mississauga, contribution "Democracy: Every vote counts!"
4th place: Chief Peguis Middle School Winnipeg, contribution "Living Democracy"

5th place: GIST, contribution "Interview with Justin Trudeau"
5th place: DSS Vancouver Westside, contribution "Where do we want to go?"

Intermediate (group)
1st place: GIST, contribution "A day without democracy"
1st place: DSS Vancouver Westside, contribution "Democracy at home"

2nd place: DSS Vancouver Westside, contribution "Living in a Democracy"
2nd place: GIST, contribution "Toronto News"

3rd place: DSS Toronto Central West (co-production), contribution "Democracy in ALL (tag)"
3rd place: GIST, contribution "Can you live a democracy in Germany?"

4th place: GIST, contribution "Democracy at home"

5th place: DSS Montréal West Island, contribution "Co-determination on an island - how does the class survive?"

The closing date for all entries was May 11, 2020.

That was the job

At this year's video competition of the Central Agency for Schools Abroad (ZfA) in Canada you can use film to show what “living democracy” means for you and your life - in family, school and / or leisure time. From small everyday matters to really big questions - show what you are experiencing, what occupies you, what moves you, impresses you or what concerns you. Your contribution can be funny, imaginative or thoughtful and critical - everything is allowed! Your video should be about three minutes long and in German.

It can start with first graders agreeing whether there should be chocolate or apple cake - and it extends to the current political issues of the 21st century, as became clear in the Christmas address given by the Federal President in 2019 (“Democracy needs us ").

Who could take part?

You visit a PASCH school supervised by the ZfA and can make a contribution as a class, as a small team or on your own.


The winning videos will be published on PASCH-net. If you use music or photos, make sure that they are not protected by copyright. Your teacher can help you with this.

You could win that

There are great prizes: tickets, vouchers or invitations for the whole class.

The closing date for all entries was May 11, 2020
  1. If you are not yet registered on PASCH-net, you have to do this first. Your teacher can help you with this.
  2. Then please fill out the registration form.
  3. Join the student community and become a member of the group "Video Contest Canada 2020: Live Democracy".
  4. Upload your contribution to the student community. In the “Description” field, write down the title of the competition to which your entry belongs, your name, your school and your city. NEW: Please send me the contribution by email at the same time so that we can make sure that we take all contributions into account (Elke Ruehl, [email protected]).
  5. Then assign your file to the group "Canada 2020 Video Contest: Living Democracy". To do this, click in the group on "Add media". You can find out how to assign files to a group here: Instructions "Assigning a contribution to a community group"
    (PDF, 450 KB)
  6. Your school then please send a PDF per team of all declarations of consent from the legal guardians (media release form) to [email protected]
For the jury, originality, creative ideas, the appropriate use of the German language, comprehensibility and the cinematic implementation count. Here are some entries from last year's competition.
It is a video competition - please only submit entries that also contain moving images.
Those were the conditions of participation
  • You can take part in the competition if you are a student at a ZfA-PASCH school in Canada.
  • Attention: The competition entry has to be produced by yourself and you are not allowed to use any (chart) music or images that you have simply downloaded from the Internet. You can find music that can be used at Free Music Archive, for example. You can't just use this music like that. You always have to read how you can use them first, and at the end of the film the title of the song with a link to the website, the name of the composer, the link to the license, for example CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 specify. Of course you can also make music yourself, then the question of copyright does not even arise.
  • Everyone who appears in your post must agree to this.
  • A jury will decide on the winners. The decision of the jury is binding for all participants and cannot be contested.
  • When you submit your contribution, you agree that it can be published on PASCH-net with your name. So that your contribution can also be published outside of PASCH-net, we ask you to send a corresponding declaration of consent from your parents by email - bundled for the group with which you are submitting (preferably via the teacher) - to the following address send: [email protected]
  • When you submit your contribution, you agree to the conditions of participation.