Why is media work important

Media work facing new challenges

In our society, media presence is still the surest guarantee of being noticed. That is why media work remains one of the central tasks of PR. Media work accompanies almost all public relations activities of a company, be it the annual report of the management, the open house, sponsoring activities or the IPO. Media work costs little and is often the only affordable marketing tool for non-profit organizations or young companies, for example.

Competitive pressure and information overload

Today it has become increasingly difficult to get editorial content in the media
to place. This is mainly due to the fact that the work of the media maker
has changed rapidly and profoundly through the Internet and private TV providers as well as through new market strategies of media companies.

The media makers are now in a merciless competition. As a result of the liberalization of the markets and the Internet, a large number of information channels have emerged that fight a bitter struggle for quotas and reach every day. The publishers and broadcasters have reacted to this intensified competitive environment with numerous new marketing strategies. As a result, the boundaries between journalism, entertainment and marketing are increasingly blurring.
But it is not just the market conditions that are different today. The individual editor is confronted with an ever-increasing flood of information. He receives a lot of information every day, which he has to evaluate in terms of relevance for his department. Press releases are of great importance for his work. The latest studies show that in the political area around two thirds of reporting in the mass media is triggered by offers from the press offices of government, parliaments, authorities and parties. Studies of corporate press work show similar results. Press releases are important for journalists, nevertheless approx. 95% of the reports end up in the trash.

Just as the media world is changing dynamically, so are the requirements for media work in a company or organization. If you want the media to report on you, you need professional know-how. He has to know the relevant media and the way journalists work and has to constantly track down new topics and trends.

The instruments and methods of media relations are more diverse and complex today. However, those who adhere to a few key principles can take an active role in dialogue with the media. It will gain public presence and will not be a plaything of opinions and reports even in times of crisis.

Continuous flow of messages

Especially in times of tight budgets, it is important not to let the flow of messages break. Many of their competitors may be scrapping funds and their news committee is losing its continuity. See this as an opportunity to provide the editorial offices with information on a regular basis. In this way you can establish yourself as a reliable partner for the media over the long term. Don't just focus on product news or business results. Serve the media with finished stories. For example, show how your product or service makes people's lives or work easier. Create "Life in a day stories". This gives you a human touch to your offer and your company. They present concrete experiences and experiences instead of just abstract technical achievements. Show interest and responsibility towards society. Comment on current topics and regularly provide the editorial staff with quotes from your company spokesperson.

Make more of your successes. Successful projects should not only be firmly established in their balance sheet, but also in people's minds. Therefore, go public with your successes offensively. Your customers are always the benchmark. Publish statements or testimonials from your customers. This will give you a high level of credibility.

Target group journalists

If you want to do active media work, you have to know who you are dealing with. Your target group is not the end user, but journalists. It is important to be aware of this. Journalists are not dreamy aestheticians, they have a very exhausting job. They are very well trained and work professionally. Your goods, news stories, are very short-lived. The editors often have to report on a daily basis and are constantly under time pressure. Despite the great pressure of competition and the increasing integration with marketing, most editors attach great importance to their independence. Therefore, never try to talk a journalist into a topic or put him under pressure.

Instead, help the journalist to realize a story and provide him with reliable information. Factual arguments count, nothing else. Always give the journalist the opportunity to incorporate their own point of view. If he ever writes something that doesn't reflect your point of view, you'd better grit your teeth.

You should avoid bothering a journalist with unnecessary contact requests or unspecified concerns. Follow-up actions on sent press releases are also of little use. They are more likely to be perceived by the editors as a nuisance. The best way to get in touch is an email. Ask what rules there are for technical articles, which editor is responsible for which specialist area, when is the editorial deadline for product news or personal details, whether the press release is requested by e-mail or fax.

Don't forget: the freelancers

In the wake of the economic downturn, the media have also increasingly cut jobs. Many editorial offices are increasingly working with freelancers for cost reasons. Find out which freelance reports on which topics. Most of all, they need to know how to reach the outdoors. Create a database. Your agency can support you with this. Well-known directories such as Zimpel or Stamm also provide you with good address material. The same applies here: Better quality than quantity. Do not collect addresses at random, but look specifically for authors who are relevant to your subject area. Get in touch and offer cooperation on special topics.

News source Internet

The internet has revolutionized news gathering and research. In addition to personal contacts and agency reports, many journalists cite the Internet as the most important source of news. The Internet is therefore increasingly the place of origin of many reports and stories. Make sure that all of your company news reaches the relevant news portals on the Internet. Set up a press area on your website and make current text and images available for download. Daily web clipping provides you with contacts and an overview of the latest topics. Create your online clippings not only for your press department, but also for your sales and management teams. In this way you also achieve a benefit for your sales.

Appearances as a guest speaker

Seminars, workshops, congresses, anniversaries, openings, annual meetings - the number of events is huge. Try to contribute as a guest speaker at an event - for example on a panel during a congress. It's not always easy, but it's worth it. Your agency can help them research events and place them.

If you have managed to appear as an expert at an event, we can congratulate you. The audience took the time and effort to show up. They are therefore certain to be interested. You can also establish yourself as an expert and contact person for the media with a guest appearance. Invite journalists to your appearance. If you are lucky you will be cited as an expert. You can achieve the same thing if you publish speeches on your website as white paper.

Creative use of images

No matter how interesting your topic may be. If you want to place an article in a serious publication and do not provide any image material, the editor will decline. There are a few things to keep in mind when making your image choices. Don't deliver the usual business shake hands or your board of directors in an official desk pose. A high gloss is also not necessarily important. The media need dynamic and lively images. Show pictures where your product is at home in people's everyday life or how your service is changing the world. Do not ask your photographer for documentation, but let him be creative. You will see: the chance that your story will be published increases enormously.

Service provider for your media work: WordAffairs

Focus your media work on the measures presented. This will help them gain better public awareness. Of course, their work is far from over. Ultimately, your goal is to assert yourself against your competitors and gain market share. Therefore, you should always consider the marketing relevance of your activities. Think carefully about what you are doing. If you are not sure of the benefits of an action, then keep your hands off it.

You can implement most of the measures yourself or together with your agency. If you need help or advice, please contact WordAffairs. We are a reliable, experienced partner in the field of media relations and would be happy to help you. Just give us a call or write an email:

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