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Month: December 2016

More and more often you hear complaints from men about German pick-up forums on the Internet - the tips there are more blue pill than red pill and make you more of a feminist beta man than a fearless, non-needy alpha who really gets women .

For many young men this is very confusing. The basis for a Pick Up Artist, PUA for short, is a certain red pill knowledge. Everyone needs to know that feminism discriminates against men and makes them foolish, and that the mass media is contaminated with feminism and puts women on a pedestal. It is important to know that women cannot be placed on a pedestal as men.

Instead, you have to guide them and tell them where to go. Feminine women are looking for the strong alpha male with balls in his pants and not a soft beta slipper who always says yes and amen.

Dominance is male.

In addition, it must be clear that women opportunistically want to find the best possible man for themselves (hypergamy) and that they usually believe in their soul mate much less romantically than deluded Blue Pill men. The SMV (sexual market value) curve from Rational Male is worth gold - it shows that the biological clock ticks much faster in women and that women over 30 are often desperately looking for a man, although we men have a lot more time . A George Clooney is still physically attractive even when he is over 50 - this would be unthinkable for a woman.

These are just a few things that are very clear Red Pill knowledge. Whoever wants to learn to deal with women has to understand and internalize this. However, if I have now consumed too much Hollywood rubbish, I find it difficult to do so. Then I may have received so much Blue Pill or Purple Pill input that I think women are better than men, stand on a pedestal, are allowed to be fat and are still attractive after 35 and love lasts forever. Then I can learn any lines from the PUAs with which I address women, etc. Due to my Blue Pill belief system I will again and again become insecure, slim, act needy and women notice this.

The Blue Pill belief world was created by feminism in order to unsettle men and to convey unattractive women and emanciers to beta men. Biology is much harder on women than it is on men. That would be red pill knowledge. However, the Blue Pill mainstream media is telling otherwise. Much effort is made to unsettle men and create nice guys. Nice Guys are beta men and ass-creeps who do anything you tell them to. Such men are also ideal for the working world in white-collar jobs, as they always subordinate themselves immediately. They think “If I am always good and adjusted, it will count”.
As a nice guy, I don't need to learn pick-up things, because I will always seem needy and needy. Only an independent man who believes in himself and his opportunities in the dating market can really be successful with women.

If I believe feminist Blue Pill garbage and still consume mainstream Hollywood and ARD talk shows, I cannot become a confident, independent and strong alpha male. And women notice this. You want to meet a confident man and a blue pill slipper is insecure and needy.

Then there are, of course, the many unattractive women who know for sure: I can only get a soft blue pill slime that the media and society have made so insecure that it takes every one with a kiss - even overweight and old women who might get it not even liked physically or personally. These unattractive women then say they want a "modern man". This is chosen by the (unattractive) woman - and not the other way around. A masculine man is active and not passive and chooses the women he wants to deal with.

To see how Alpha the man is one should ask “Did the man choose the woman? Did the man break up with her? ”- in many relationships women chose the man and then ended the relationship. This is almost always a passive beta man.

As a reading I can once again recommend Without Fear Male and the very good neo-masculinity articles from ReturnOfKings.com in English.

First take on the red pill worldview of a masculine man, understand the nature of women, see the programming of the mass media and then you can start learning a few pick-up techniques and addressing women. Before that, this is of little use. With a clear Red Pill perspective, I can immediately see which forum is valuable and which forum only spreads rubbish.

And practical experience is always more important than any theory. Go out and approach the women. You don't just have to find a “steady” girlfriend and then be loyal forever - that's also very Blue Pill and basically needy.

The more women you have in bed as a masculine man, the better - gaining experience pays off sooner or later in life. A man who had 100 wives certainly understands feminine nature more than a man who has 4 to 5 wives. In practice, the pick-up tips will then come true and most feminine girls will be very grateful for the male Red Pill knowledge and PUA knowledge.

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