Proof of citizenship is required to be able to vote

Proof of citizenship is confirmation that a specific person has Austrian citizenship.

The authority / representative authority in whose area the person has their main residence is responsible for issuing a certificate of citizenship. If you have your Main residence in Germany, the Austrian Embassy in Berlin (ÖB Berlin) is responsible for issuing it Residency in Bavaria / Baden-Württemberg the consulate general in Munich.


Required documents in original and additional copy

  • Application form (filled out completely and legibly)
  • Declaration for adults / minors (for minors: also from the Austrian parent)
  • Identity document of the applicant (Passport all existing nationalities), for minors or adult first-time applicants additionally from both parents
  • If you have several nationalities by descent: Copies of the passports or identity cards of the other country (s) of the parents, valid at the time of the applicant's birth
  • Should the child also be in Possession of German citizenship in accordance with Section 4 (3) of the German Citizenship Act (acquisition is possible if the foreign parents have been legally residing in Germany for more than 8 years before the child is born), please also submit the relevant Confirmation from the German authorities
  • Applicant's birth certificate
  • Birth certificate of both parents (for minors or adult first-time applicants)
  • at children born out of wedlock: possibly. PATERNITY RECOGNITION and Agreement on joint custody
  • If applicable, marriage certificate (s) or copy (s) from the family book / partnership certificate (s) of the applicant or the parents (for minors or adult first-time applicants)
  • If applicable, divorce judgment (s) or divorce acknowledgment (s) WITH LEGAL END / Proof of the dissolution (s) of the partnership of the applicant or the parents (for minors or adult first-time applicants)
  • if applicable, death certificate (s) of the spouse / partner
  • Proof of citizenship of the Austrian parent (for minors or adult first-time applicants)
  • if necessary, notification of the granting of Austrian citizenship
  • if necessary, notification of the retention of Austrian citizenship
  • if applicable, evidence of name change (s)
  • Current EXTENDED REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE With Note the Nationality (s) as well as the Marital status, not older than 4 weeks (for minors: FROM THE AUSTRIAN PARENT AND CHILD SEPARATELY)
  • Proof of acad. Degree (s), if entry on proof of citizenship is desired


Foreign documents that are not issued internationally or in English, only with German translation (by a sworn interpreter or a recognized translation agency) and if necessary with the required certification note (Apostille or full diplomatic authentication) accepted.


The application is possible in person or by post.

Personally: At the ÖB Berlin or at an honorary consulate in your area By post: Only possible at ÖB Berlin that The signature on the application must be certified beforehand (at every agency or notary that carries the seal) and the receipt via the fees transferred to the embassy account (see below).


Consular fee

EUR 48.00 according to TP 5 (1) 1 KGG 1992 as amended. (Cash payment or at ÖB Berlin also possible with a German EC card)

Initial documents for children up to the age of 2 are required Toll-free issued.

Account holder: Austrian Embassy

Credit institution: Deutsche Bank AG Berlin

IBAN: DE81 1007 0000 0239 8048 00


Please indicate the purpose of payment: "SN" and your first and last name

These bank details do not apply to applicants in the area of ​​responsibility of the Consulate General in Munich (Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg).


Important innovation in citizenship law from 1.8.2013

Illegitimate children also acquire Austrian citizenship from their father, if the latter acknowledges paternity within eight weeks of the child's birth or paternity is judicially established within eight weeks of the birth (Section 7 (1) no.3 and 4 StbG) Acknowledgments of paternity issued abroad are permissible if they comply with the legal provisions of the respective foreign state or the Austrian regulations.