What makes a brand attractive to customers

Make services attractive: This is how you win customers over!

What makes a service so attractive for potential customers that they “grab it”? An important question that - in comparison to specific products and objects - is often not that easy to answer, especially when it comes to services. Because when working with a service provider, such as a management consultancy or a seminar provider, the customer only knows afterwards whether the result met their expectations.

Making service tangible for customers

What is very important for the customer is what he gets for his investment. This is often unclear before the first collaboration - this is of course also in the nature of services that are often difficult to grasp and directly measurable. Make your work visible - especially in consulting professions that are mainly based on discussions, it is helpful to present the customer with "tangible" results, for example in the form of minutes, checklists or handouts. Think about which part of your service you could make visible to your customers!

Also make sure that the presentation of your service takes place credibly and at eye level with the customer - this is how you build trust. A customer will only buy a service if they have trusted your offer. It starts with the preparation of a transparent offer, the order clarification form or a summary of the conversation for your customer.

Would you like a little more? Then go one step further by actively taking care of the wishes of your customers. Because in order to offer a service successfully, it is also important to know what your customers want from you. It is important for customers that their needs are taken seriously and that they have a solution provider on an equal footing. The more precisely you have determined your customer's needs in advance, the more likely you will be used as a service provider. If you then tailor your range of services accordingly, your customers will be happy to (continue to) buy from you.

Do you know what your customers want?

Check yourself out!

  • Do you know what your customers expect from you, your company and your products?
  • Do you know what demands your customer places on your company?
  • Are you still in contact with your customer after the sale is completed?
  • Do you take on the wishes and suggestions of your customers and integrate them into your service?
  • Do you regularly review customer requirements?

Follow up with customers

Ask your customers how they perceive your service. Find out what experiences your customers have had with your service. Draw up relevant questions for your offer such as:

  • How do your employees react to unusual requests or complaints?
  • How friendly are customer requests?
  • What additional offers are being made?

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