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Metal recycling machine

Machine description

The metal recycling machine can be a crusher or crusher. It is suitable for converting medium-heavy metal scrap into high-quality shredded material. The crushed or crushed material is the best steel mill today that uses the material as it meets the high density and purity, in general the purity is 99.5%.

Until now, this type of machine has been popular throughout the metal recycling industry.

The lining material:

1. Body.

2. However, the pressed ingot metal has a density of less than 0.65 T / M3.

3. White goods such as washing machine, refrigerator, air conditioner, etc.

4. Trash motor, bicycle.

5. UBC, color drum, aluminum.

6. All scrap steels.

After putting the above material in the metal recycling machine, it is easy to transport or store. During the crushing system, 80% to 90% of the paint on the surface of the steel material will fall off.

The whole production line includes (optional and customized metal crusher)



1.6 x 17 m metal conveyor

1set (for feeding material)


Metal crusher


0.65 x 12 m unloading belt conveyor

1set (for output material)

0.65x6 m moving belt conveyor


Magnetic drum1set
Hang up the magnet system1set

Hydraulic station


main engine


Electrical control cabinet


switch cabinet


Dust catcher


Metal recycling machine in our factory

Feed material and raw material from the metal recycling machine

Step to help you find a right machine

1. Feed and the largest size?

2. Capacity fed per day?

3. Starting material size?

As China's leading metal grinder and hammer mill manufacturer in China, we provide the following service to our working partner:

1 24x7 service time for every request.

2 Detailed offers and layouts are provided.

3 Ce ​​ISO and 42 patents are provided.

4 All wear parts of the machine are always available.

5 installation & amp; Commissioning is possible on customer request.

6 The entire production line of the recycling machine is tested before delivery.