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The Bengali language is the official language in Bangladesh and India and is spoken by around 215 million as their mother tongue. For Germany, Bangladesh is the most important trading partner, especially in the textile industry. But foreign interest in Bangladesh is also growing rapidly in other areas such as manufacturing and construction.

This is why German-Bengali translations are among the most important in the field of technical translations. If you need translations of construction or usage instructions, our German-Bengali translation agency will be happy to do this for you. We provide translations from German to Bengali as well as from Bengali to German for all other specialist areas that we offer. World Contact Translation Office GmbH, based in Gera (Thuringia), has a broad portfolio of native-speaking translators who specialize in technical translations, legal translations and scientific translations, so we can guarantee that your orders will be processed with impeccable high quality.

High quality of our service at the Bengali translation agency

Regardless of whether you need a legal translation, a technical translation or a scientific translation, our Bengali translation agency provides the right Bengali-German or German-Bengali translator for all subject areas. In order to guarantee you a flawless translation, we work with professional and highly specialized native speakers who handle your orders with both content and linguistic precision.

If you need a certified German - Bengali or Bengali - German translation, we can also offer you sworn translators.

Whether it is a Bengali-German or German-Bengali translation, our Bengali translation agency World Contact in Gera, Thuringia, works competently, professionally, reliably and using the most modern options. Therefore, we always try to meet our customers even better and to ensure the high quality, if required by the 4-eyes principle.

All of the data and documents you provide to us will be treated with appropriate care and confidentiality.

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