What are some examples of strange talent

My 11 useless super talents

There are so many things that I cannot do. It starts with everything that has to do with mathematics and ends with "patiently doing homework with the children".

But that can't sadden me, because I know my real talents. It's just a shame that I can't make any money with it. And otherwise they are of very little use to me.

VoilĂ , my 11 useless super talents - I can:

  1. Guess what brand of car a person drives
  2. Undo almost every knot, no matter how tight and whether light chain or string
  3. Remember names of people I met once or years ago
  4. Say intuitively which part of the city you live in
  5. Guess what drink someone is ordering at the bar
  6. Talking and listening at the same time, and fast too (dubbed speaking)
  7. Fall asleep and sleep through almost anytime and anywhere
  8. Estimate prices almost to the penny, regardless of whether it's clothing or groceries
  9. Old English, Old French, Middle High German and Old Icelandic
  10. Complete half-clauses that have been started before the other person takes a breath to continue talking
  11. Predict a cold snap in the weather based on cravings for peanut butter

Everything is totally useless if you are not a saleswoman, bartender, mother or academic. Oh wait That explains a lot.

And what are your useless super talents? Do you have any?

Single parent with 3 children, author and columnist, since 2014 also city councilor in Konstanz. Blogs here since 2011.