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Giants in the ring | The greatest wrestlers of all time!

These men are real colossi!

Do you think The Big Show is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time at 2.13 meters? Yes - but it's just enough for tenth place on the list of ring giants.

In the wrestling ring, most of these giants aren't exactly the best, but sometimes size is all that counts to entertain the audience.

Since weight and height are sometimes cheated in the wrestling business, the information given by men varies greatly. But many of these photos clearly show:


1. Édouard Beaupré: 2.51 meters

WOW! The Canadian Édouard Beaupré (born 1881) was the oldest of 20 (!!!) children and supposedly 2.51 meters tall. At the age of nine he is said to have measured 1.85 meters.

His actual career aspiration was cowboy - but since he touched the ground with both feet when he was on the horse, he worked in the circus as a giant and as a wrestler. He is said to have been so strong that, among other things, he could lift horses over his head.

To this day, he is considered the sixth tallest man who ever lived.

In 1904 Beaupré died of tuberculosis at the age of 23. After his death, doctors were able to determine that a tumor had caused the Canadian's enormous height.

2. Giant Gonzales: 2.32 meters

He is the greatest wrestler who has ever played a Wrestlemania match. His opponent in 1993: the Undertaker. However, the fight is considered by far the worst undertaker match of all time.

The sad climax of the spectacle was a towel soaked in chloroform - which Giant Gonzales (born 1966) used to make the Undertaker unconscious. Gonzales still lost in the end.

Here in the video the fight of Wrestlemania 9:

He clearly lost the rematch at SummerSlam 1993 against Undertaker. So his short career in the WWE was already over.

Prior to wrestling, Gonzales was a successful basketball player in Argentina, playing international matches and was even signed to the Atlanta Hawks' NBA team. However, he never played an NBA game.

After his time in WWE, he fought a few matches in Japan before hanging up his wrestling boots in 1995.

In 2010, the Argentine giant died at the age of 44. To this day he is in the Guinness Book of Records as the officially greatest wrestler in the world.

3. Max Palmer (Paul Bunyan): 2.31 meters

This giant was already a recognized actor in the USA (u.a. "Invaders from Mars") before making his wrestling debut as Paul Bunyan in 1954 at the age of 27.

In the ring he was announced with a height of 2.44 meters - but in reality he should have been "only" 2.31 meters tall. That's enough too.

He played the character of the legendary American lumberjack giant.

Having struggled with severe drinking problems since his youth, he had to end his wrestling career at the age of 33.

After serving, Palmer became a Protestant preacher until he died of heart failure in 1984 at the age of 57.

The video shows Paul Bunyan in action:

4. Jack Harris: 2.25 meters

His wrestling career was also short-lived. Born in 1952 as Jack Harris, the American competed in various leagues, mostly as "Silo Sam" or "Big John Harris".

He too initially played basketball - before moving to the ring in 1984. First for the CWA, then later for the Texas-based league WCCW.

See a video from Silo Sam here:

He ended his career in the early 1990s. He died in 2005 at the age of 52.

5. Kurt Toe (Gargantua): 2.18 meters

A German is also on the list of the greatest wrestlers of all time.

Kurt Zehe (born in 1913 in Königsberg) was 2.18 meters tall and competed in 93 fights.

The size 58 man was defeated only eight times. Among other things, he got into the ring in England as "Garantua".

In order to impress the audience even more, it was announced at 2.43 meters.

In addition to his wrestler career, the giant also impressed in a number of feature films. He died in 1969.

The video shows his fight against Strangler Bright:

6. Raja Lion: 2.18 - 2.25 meters

Many critics doubt whether the Pakistani-born (born 1966) should be called a wrestler at all, because he was rarely in the ring - and his fights are only partially respectable.

In the lists of the worst wrestlers of all time, Raja Lion (50) is very often very high.

An example of his ring art:

The giant earned his bread mainly with Bollywood films. It is better that way.

7. Andre The Giant: 2.13 - 2.24 meters

He is the most famous giant of all time and was already considered the "eighth wonder of the world" during his lifetime.

The native French suffered from gigantic stature and became the biggest attraction in the wrestling business in the 1970s.

How big it was exactly, the scholars argue about. Allegedly he should have been 2.24 meters. Others say it was only 2.13 meters.

Because of his broad stature, he just looked like a real giant, which earned him quite a few roles in films.

His most famous fight was in 1987 at Wrestlemania 3 against Hulk Hogan. He lost in front of more than 90,000 fans, but from then on a place in the wrestling Olympus could no longer be taken from him.

Andre died in Paris in 1993 at the age of 46. His body could no longer bear the weight of the huge body. His body had to be flown to the USA because there was no crematorium in France that was big enough for him.

8. Ron Reis (Reese / The Yeti) - 2.18 meters

What does a yeti disguised as a mummy do in a wrestling ring?

No, we can't find an answer either. Ron Reis (46) was actually allowed to walk around the WCW in 1995.

Even if only for a few appearances. Allegedly it was found in a block of ice and thawed. Ah yes.

Since the WCW didn't want to fire the big man, they sent him into the ring as "Big Ron Studd" (and without disguise).

Unfortunately, the audience didn't accept the giant - and after his transformation into grunge rocker Reese in 1998 didn't work either, he was fired.

These WWE stars can hardly believe what to expect:

9. Giant Silva - 2.18

WWE fans who were there during the “Attitude Era” in the late 90s will surely remember this giant.

As Giant Silva (52) he was allowed to walk to the ring with the "Human Oddities" wobbling.

Real fights will probably only be remembered by ultra fans. It's actually a shame, because after his time in WWE he was allowed to show what he was made of in Japan. Here is a sample:

10. The Great Khali - 2.16

The native Indian is the greatest WWE champion of modern times. The trained cop fought in Japan before joining WWE before making his mainstream debut in the US in 2006.

Technically very limited, it only became an attraction because of its size.

His debut in 2006:

In 2007 he was allowed to hold the World Heavyweight title for two months. No, fans don't really like remembering his fights.

Initially portrayed as an evil monster, at the end of his WWE time he degenerated into an oversized joke.

He was fired from the WWE in 2014 and has since returned to work as a police officer in India.

11. Big Show - 2.13 meters

Yes, you have to scroll down a lot to find the world's greatest athlete (that's what the WWE calls him). He made his WCW debut in the mid-1990s - although he wasn't a trained wrestler at all.

It was enough for the WCW title in his first match.

Sometimes he just knocks down jeeps ...

Paul Wight (44, his real name) suffers from the same growth disorder as Andre The Giant. In the meantime, research has already developed treatment methods so that Wight has a normal life expectancy despite being huge.

If you want to see him live and in color, you have to go to a WWE event: in 1999 he switched to WWE and is still in the ring there.

12. Colin Cassidy - 2.13

Colin Cassidy (mostly referred to as Big Cass), also stands at an impressive 2.13 meters, is the youngest of our giants at 29 years of age and has only been part of the main WWE squad for a few months.

As his tag team put it so aptly: "He is 7 feet tall - and you can't teach that!" Exactly, you can't learn 2.13 meters. But he still has to learn a lot in the ring if he doesn't just want to become one of the greatest wrestlers of all time physically.

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