Who looked at my Instagram

Instagram: see profile visitors - is that possible? You should pay attention to that

On Instagram, you can quickly see which users follow your channel and like your posts. But is it also possible to find out who has visited your profile or viewed your pictures?

Often times, non-subscribers also look at your posts. Can you check who was on your Instagram profile?

See profile visitors on Instagram: That doesn't work

There is no view of the last profile visitors directly in Instagram. You can't see which user viewed a picture. You only find out who consciously interacts with your pictures, leaves comments or follows your profile. You can only see who was watching in your Instagram stories. To do this, select the relevant story and swipe up from the bottom. In the new window you can see the previous viewers.

If you browse the net a little, you will actually come across apps and services that promise to display profile visitors. From this you should expressly stay away from it. A corresponding function is not provided by Instagram. Most of these offers are useless applications that only lure you to the website to display advertisements.

Frequently, however, fraudsters also take advantage of the great demand for such services. So you often find manipulated apps that load Trojans and contaminated programs onto your mobile phone instead of the desired function. Registration is required for other offers that are supposed to be able to see Instagram profile visitors. After registering, your email address often ends up in spam mailing lists. In some cases, your access data is also tapped in this way. In addition, subscription traps are often hidden in such fake offers.

"Who is looking at my profile"? Only Instagram knows

There are also offers on official platforms such as the Google Play Store that want to know who is stalking you on Instagram. Here you should take a thorough look at the reviews. Most of the time you find out here that the promised functions do not bring the desired result and that money is unnecessarily spent or a subscription has been taken out.

It is technically only possible to a limited extent to see profile visitors. The data would have to be made available to third parties through an API. But there is no such interface. If you want to better control who visits your Instagram profile, switch your account to "private". In this way, only your followers or a specific group of users can see your Instagram activities. If you want to block a specific user, we will show you how to block contacts on Instagram.