How much does an A380 cost

What an A380 really costs

There is a rule of thumb in aviation: the list price divided by two. Because hardly any airline really pays as much as it says on the price tag of a brand-new aircraft. If you order a lot, you get a volume discount. And who orders early, too. In addition, older models are naturally cheaper than newer ones. The discounts to the airlines are between twenty and sixty percent, with an average of 45 percent. It is no different with the Airbus A380. The superjumbo from Europe officially costs 403.8 million dollars. But none of the previous operators, Air France, China Southern Airlines, Emirates, Korean Air, Lufthansa, Malaysia Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways and Qantas, paid that much.

In one case, you now know the details. Because Air France-KLM reveals in the new annual report how high the price of an A380 is, which the French airline took over for leasing in 2012. It was taken over "for an amount of 149 million euros," it says. This is reported by the business newspaper Les Echos. When Air France placed its order for twelve A380s in 2008, the giant jet was still costing $ 280 million. A discount of around 30 percent can be calculated from this.

Delivery of further machines postponed

Air France currently has eight Airbus A380s in its fleet. The French national airline ordered four more machines. They should be delivered in the next few months. However, she now wants to postpone the delivery of these machines, as Air France recently announced. So the group wants to save. Talks with Airbus were still ongoing. In addition, the airline reduced its option to purchase two additional super jumbos from two to one.