Why are so many CEOs extremely rude

Extremely rude follow-up email from CEO [closed]

This is unacceptable behavior in the workplace and OP shouldn't have to put up with it or apologize for it. The fact that it comes from a CEO only makes it worse - the leader (and probably the public face) of a company should absolutely know better.

Nothing in the OP's report of events suggests that it was their fault. If someone sent me two letters when I was expecting three, I would also send a quick email that said, "Thank you! Don't forget the last one!" or "Do you have an ETA for the third?"

Nobody should have to walk on eggshells sending routine follow-up emails to employees or their boss (especially if they've already waited three weeks).

OP mentions that this is a tech startup. I've seen a lot of tech startups with young and inexperienced CEOs. If this is the case, the surgical apology can only create the impression that it is okay to treat other employees like this.

My advice is to tackle the problem - talk to your boss and ask him to speak to the CEO. Explain calmly and politely that neither you nor any other employee should be addressed in this way.

Based on your update, this text message from the CEO isn't an excuse, and worse, it's extremely manipulative.

You haven't sent excessive reminders. You did what any normal person would do, especially after waiting three weeks. They are trying to put the blame on you. The was not your fault.

Providing employees with the materials they need is one of the company's requirements. you not have asked for something unreasonable.

To work 18 hour days is not a Reason to get involved with employees, but a sign of someone who doesn't know how to properly delegate work or a company directs (ie for someone who shouldn't be someone else's boss).

They are trying to downplay their horrific behavior with this series of flimsy excuses that will make you appear like the instigator. If you don't fight it now, that person will think they can get away with it again and again.

The CTO as CC would not mean that they will act. They may not even have read the emails yet. If you want to do something about it, you have to initiate it yourself. As your manager, you have a duty to follow up if you report this. Nobody should have to work in such a toxic environment.