What is the google search console

Integration of the Google search console

What is the Google Search Console?

Google Search Console is a free web service from Google that you can use to search for Performance and traffic Of their Website in google search engine can measure. It's a powerful tool that gives you valuable reports to fix any problem you have and get your website to the top in search results.

Key Features

Find out all about your web performance with the Google Search Console. Review your total clicks, impressions, average CTR, and your website's position. In addition, you can see what queries people are bringing to your website, a popularity ranking of all your pages, and user behavior on each page. Which are the countries where your website is most visited or which devices work better (mobile, desktop, tablet) are other interesting factors that you can learn from this tool.


You can also check your URLs and see how Google sees your pages in the Google Search Console. In this way you can check whether a page can be indexed or whether it can be used mobile. You can also get a full list of pages that have been validated as indexable and those that have been excluded (noindex tag, not found, pages with redirects, etc.). You can also submit your XML sitemap to make it easier for Googlebot to crawl your pages.

Manual measures & security issues

Check if you have a penalty preventing your pages from appearing in Google Search or if you have any security issues. Use this service to review any manual actions reported to your website and fix them as soon as possible. Security issues are another key factor that you need to monitor closely to ensure good site performance.

Google search console + FandangoSEO

FandangoSEO is integrated into the Google Search Console. This gives you valuable information such as total clicks, impressions, click through rate and your average position on Google. You can get this information from any URL or from the entire website.


Any change or update to the Google Search Console is monitored by FandangoSEO. Keep a close eye on your Google Search Console data and be aware of how different it is. You can choose the type of notification you want to receive by configuring the notifications based on the degree of percentage change.


All GSC key figures are displayed on FandangoSEO, segmented by page type, section and level or otherwise individually for each page. This is a great way to get detailed information for each specific area of ​​your website that you want to study.

Mixing metrics

In addition, thanks to this integration, you not only get valuable information from each tool, but also new and useful data obtained by combining both applications. Get additional detailed data that you can only find through this integration. Use this unique data and custom segments to produce useful reports to analyze your website and create effective SEO strategies.

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