Regret moving to Austin, Texas

For SpaceX and the new Gigafactory: Tesla boss Musk confirms private move to Texas

The dissatisfaction of Tesla and SpaceX boss Elon Musk with his adopted home California had been known for a long time. In the spring there was almost a showdown with police operations after Musk had production at the Fremont plant restarted early after a corona lockdown; He later said the sunny US state had become complacent from long-running success. In view of the increasing activities of Tesla in Texas, the rumor arose that the CEO wanted to move there himself. And as he has now confirmed, he has already taken this step.

SpaceX and Tesla are heavily active in Texas

"As for myself - yes, I moved to Texas," Musk said Tuesday at an online Wall Street Journal event. He answered the questions from the south of Texas, as he mentioned, where the first high flight test with a Mars rocket from SpaceX was pending (which was then canceled). The activities of his space company in the state are one of the reasons for the move, said Musk. There is also the “big factory” near the technology city of Austin, which Tesla is currently building for Model Y, Cybertruck and Semi.

In the former village of Boca Chica in Texas directly on the Mexican border, SpaceX has set up a control and launch center for its rockets - according to Musk's plans, a kind of future settlement could be built there. A good 500 kilometers north of it, near the city of Austin, Tesla has also been building its latest gigafactory in the huge state since this summer. In addition to the Model Y and Tesla Cybertruck and Semi, own battery cells are also to be produced there.

So the Tesla and SpaceX boss actually had increasingly good business reasons to move his main residence to Texas. According to reports, even friends don't know where he's been staying. Musk, however, could be trusted that he does not actually use real accommodation: He is known for having slept in the office a lot early in his career. He has also stayed on a sofa several times at the Tesla factory in Fremont. And when Musk was recently in Berlin for an honor, he said that he would then spend the night in a conference room in the emerging Gigafactory in Grünheide.

Musk could save billions in taxes

Apart from that, Musk travels a lot in the USA and the rest of the world anyway, as observers from his private plane report. In the recent past, however, it has actually been increasingly frequent at one of the airports in Texas. And in addition to the private and professional aspects, tax considerations also played a role in saying goodbye to California: This year alone, Musk received billions in shares as part of his bonus program as Tesla CEO. In California he would have to pay tax on the profit made on a sale, in Texas, on the other hand, the rate for this is reportedly 0 percent.

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