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Please vote and help refugees!

For you only 5 minutes, for us support and for the refugees a huge help for a good start into a new life!

IFAK e.V. has been looking after refugee families in Bochum for 1.5 years. We volunteer to support refugees with the initial furnishing of their apartments.

Refugees in Bochum receive a small amount for setting up their first own 4 walls in Germany. We'll help you with that. For the project, however, there is no means of transport and the possibility of paying for the refueling of the vans. For many refugees, the option to use our offer is the only way to set up their first apartment.
For 1.5 years, IFAK e.V. has been looking after refugee families in Bochum at several locations. Among other things, we have taken on the tasks of transition management in Querenburg; In addition, word got around in other locations or in our district centers (e.g. at our integration courses and our 5 voluntary language cafés) that we are helping with the procurement of furniture and kitchen appliances.
The IFAK currently does this on a voluntary basis and therefore not systematically. We receive offers of donations in kind from local families and specific needs from refugee families. Bringing supply and demand together in a timely manner is a challenge that, given the large number of refugees, we cannot only do voluntarily.
The city of Bochum has created a storage facility for us on Carolinenglückstrasse for the project.
In order to network the entire Bochum offers, we are in close contact with Ms. Meyer, the volunteer coordinator of the social welfare office in matters of refugee work, and are now traveling throughout the city.

Meanwhile, many refugees also help with the project, who want to help other people and want to give something back from the help they have received.

We are applying for sponsorship from Stadtwerke Bochum. We ask for your hearts!

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