Can a hospital prevent you from leaving the hospital?

Attacks for fear of psychiatry

When the doctor threatened to admit him to the district hospital in Werneck, a 65-year-old pensioner from the district went nuts on the morning of March 4th of this year, a Sunday, in the Hassfurt hospital. According to the public prosecutor's application, the senior hit several times with his fist in the direction of the doctor, who was able to avoid the blows.

The pensioner then left the hospital's intensive care unit through the door lock of the emergency room, where a police patrol was already waiting for him to prevent the 65-year-old from leaving the clinic for his own protection.

Stabbed a policewoman with a penknife

But the fugitive refused to obey the police officers' instructions. He hit the officers with his fists. With a penknife with a blade length of eight centimeters, he stabbed the upper body of the policewoman involved several times, but she was lucky in the accident and suffered only a slight cut and several bruises.

Your colleague involved injured three fingers during the operation, which are still causing him problems today. After using pepper spray, the officers finally managed to tie up the angry man, who himself was almost unharmed. He was first treated by a doctor and has been in custody ever since. Since Thursday he has had to answer to the district court in Bamberg for attempted manslaughter in unity with dangerous bodily harm.

Defendant does not provide any information about the crime

The defendant did not provide any information about the crime in the dock. According to the doctor involved, the 65-year-old walked to the hospital after visiting a bar in downtown Haßfurt because he felt uncomfortable. He collapsed in front of the gate around 5:47 a.m. and was transferred to the intensive care unit, where his condition quickly stabilized. Alcohol or drugs were not involved. A blood test showed a level of zero per thousand. The drug test was also negative.

Nevertheless, the patient said confused things. He described him as "stupid" and claimed to have studied medicine for 20 semesters himself. In truth, the defendant is a trained high-voltage electrician who lost his job after 14 years due to a notice of termination and has since received a disability pension. Since he has already had several unpleasant stays in psychiatry behind him, the prospect of another stay was a horror scenario for him, which is probably to blame for his orgy of violence, which made a lasting impression on the young policewoman involved. She was on sick leave for three weeks and has been in psychiatric treatment since the incident.

"One step towards me and I would have shot him"

On the witness stand, she said that the defendant punched her massively in the face. A kick in the stomach area by her colleague did not impress the defendant. The use of pepper spray on the attacker's face was initially ineffective. "Whenever I peppered it, it attacked me," the officer described the situation. When the accused stood in front of her, his face contorted with anger, armed with a second knife, her nerves were extremely strained. She threatened the attacker with her pistol. "One step towards me and I would have shot him," she described the drama in court. It was the first time in her career as a police officer that she had to threaten a shot. The psychological strain was evident in the courtroom. “I'm really glad when the negotiation is over. I didn't want to come, ”she stated.

Accused in the police force an old acquaintance

The effort did not leave her older colleagues unimpressed either. It was his first knife fight in 32 years, he said on the witness stand. "I treated the attacker as I have never treated a person". He has known the defendant for years. The police had to visit him again and again because of quarrels with neighbors. When he and his colleague stood across from the defendant in the door lock of the emergency room, behind the patient there was an "armada in red and white" consisting of seven to eight nurses and the doctor. During the argument that followed, he called out to his colleague: "Don't shoot". She shouldn't take any blame, he said on the witness stand. The defendant then threw the knife at her, but missed her. Then he trotted away and said: "Shoot me". The officials took advantage of this situation. They pushed the 65-year-old to the ground and handcuffed him.

“After that it was over. He cried and wiped the pepper spray out of his eyes with snow, ”said the police officer. The defendant was under care for many years until 2017. In 2010 he broke out of the psychiatric ward in Werneck by climbing over the roof. According to the court, his wife is afraid of him. He threatened neighbors several times. Nevertheless, his extract from the Federal Central Register only shows one entry - he was fined last year for forging documents. According to medical reports, he suffers from a manic-depressive illness. Since he has discontinued his medication himself, he is endangering himself and others, which is why, according to those involved in the process, permanent placement in a psychiatric facility is unavoidable. A verdict is expected at the final hearing on September 12th.

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