Should Dhoni be expelled from the team

To mark:

  • CSK and Delhi meet at Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai
  • Coach Ravi Shastri with the request when teacher and student meet
  • Shreyas Iyer was excluded from the game with a hamstring injury

Mumbai: Delhi Capitals will make his IPL debut as captain Rishabh Ball. MS Dhoni will be his opponent in his first game as captain. Dhoni is the second most popular captain in the IPL. The CSK captain is also the guru of the ball in the national team. That is why the Indian trainer Ravi Shastri observes that the teacher and the student are facing each other.

CSK for both of them tweeted ahead of the Delhi Ravi Shastri battle. Shastri said things would be fun if the teacher and student faced each other, asking fans to hear both of them 'words on the butt mic during the game. Dhoni and the ball are the ones that make noise while holding the wicket. Whenever Dhoni is constantly inspiring the bowlers, he keeps saying words to make the ball laugh.

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Rishabh Pant takes over Delhi captain after injuring Shreyas Iyer. In the first game, the ball is happy that Dhoni's team will be the opponent. Pant said he learned a lot from Dhoni. This is an opportunity to learn more from him as a captain. He will also test his experience as a player for Delhi. The Delhi captain said it was an attempt to bring out another game against CSKA. The duel between Delhi and Chennai will take place on Saturday evening. It was also the first game of the season for both of them. It is expected that there will be a tough game between Delhi, which reached the final last season, and CSK, who are eliminated from the play-offs.

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