Is communitarianism better than individualism in society


"The term 'communitarianism' comes from the English 'community', in English 'community' or 'community'. Supporters of communitarianism are referred to as communitarians or communitarists; this could be translated as 'community members' A tendency that eludes an exact classification into the current left-right scheme. In short, it represents a reaction to the crisis of meaning and orientation in liberal societies .These phenomena are traced back to the individualism emphasized by liberalism as well as to the liberal model of the mature, existing value and social order critically reflecting people Improve our moral, social and political environment '.

What is it about the communitarians in concrete terms? According to Etzioni, it is about the reconstruction of the community, the restoration of civic virtues, a new sense of responsibility among people, and the strengthening of the moral foundations of our society. What connects the communitarians is the view that the demand for autonomy and self-determination of the individual undermines the social cohesion of a society and undermines the social value system. The communitarians want to curb the rampant pluralism and value relativism they complain about through a common conception of the good, through the revival of traditions as well as moral and value concepts.

The basic concern of all communitarians is therefore to strengthen the community. Ralf Dahrendorf, for example, describes communitarianism as a direction that is about the preservation or creation of manageable communities in which people feel at home and from which they can draw their strength. "

(From: Alfred Gerstl: Die Liberalismus / Kommunitarismus-Discussion. Comments on an "inconsistent side effect" of liberalism, lecture on November 23, 1996 in Berlin. In: texte & thesen 2, 1996)

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