My ex misses me at all

When do men miss their ex | 25 signs (No. 9 is clear) |

You want to find out more about "When do men miss their ex"? Maybe why he doesn't miss it at all? And how, as an ex, can you arouse feelings in him again?

I asked myself all these questions. And we will do our utmost to find an answer to this. That's why I'll tell you in this post

1) 25 Signs When Men Are Missing Their Exes

2) When they miss their ex

3) How to reactivate feelings in him

4) How to tell that men miss exs but hide it

5) which phases men go through when they miss an ex

6) and what my conclusion is.

25 Signs When Men Are Missing Their Exes!

Table of Contents

# Sign 1: The breakup was tough for him!

Do you want to know when he misses you?

Well, there is a very clear indication!

First: You left him! In other words, the decision did NOT come from him!

And secondly: tears have flowed during the breakup. He was sad, he suffered and he regretted it!

That means: if the breakup is relatively recent, then he will miss you! Especially when both of these conditions are met!

# Sign 2: He is building a contact block

The classic: he wants to take you back! So he looks for information on the internet. And comes across countless websites that suggest a contact block.

Even better: he bought a guidebook!

Because in almost every guide, the contact block is suggested.

The consequence: suddenly he no longer reacts!

What i want to tell you: if he sets up a contact block, that is a clear indication that he misses you!

1. Does he want to recapture you if necessary!

2. Does he possibly need a distance? And that's only because he misses you!

3. Does he want to annoy you. Or show you that you can't do everything with him.

So: All of these are the logical consequences of a contact lock. And all of these consequences come from a single source ...

That he's still in love with you! Which means he misses you!

# Sign 3: He often answers by himself

As well: he often answers by himself. You don't have to do anything! You don't need to write to him or ask anything ...

No, he's always the first to text you.

If this phenomenon occurs frequently, then he is very likely to miss you.

So: just see if and how often it reports itself.

Just put your cell phone aside and do nothing. Just wait!

If he takes the initiative, that is a very good sign!

# Sign 4: He's writing back more and more

As well: he writes back more. And that noticeable! And always with additional questions ...

Additional questions to keep your conversation going!

If so, then be sure: he misses you!

Because: his sense of "missing" can only be satisfied by communicating with you. As a result, he writes back more and tries to keep communication going!

Danger: this sign is not necessarily an indication! But quite meaningful in combination with other signs!

# Sign 5: Anger - SMS or similar

At first everything is fine and all of a sudden you get angry text messages.

Believe me: when I was in my breakup, so did I. At some point it was enough for me! And I started texting anger.

Naturally: it wasn't the best idea!

But: it is a very clear indication.

Especially then:

If you had lively contact before his “anger SMS”! And you still got along well. And somehow the separation seemed to take place in mutual consent ...

And suddenly an angry news comes out of nowhere ...

The whole thing has a very simple background:

First: He has feelings for you. That's why he can't be mad at you. He wants to continue to be strong for you and to be there for you. Because if someone really loves, then he lives without expecting! And especially after separations, this "heroic energy" comes over us ...

Secondly: But suddenly he realizes that nothing comes back from you. That it's over! And that he invests one-sidedly in love. And that is exactly what is often associated with great pain.

With only one logical consequence: that you get angry text messages.

And d. H.: that he still has feelings for you. Which clearly shows that he must miss you!

# Sign 6: Once you start making yourself more attractive

He'll miss you as soon as he finds you more attractive! This is a law of nature that still applies today!

So: become more attractive to him.


Now… I always teach my clients to work on three levels!

  • The spiritual level.
  • The spiritual level.
  • And the physical level.

These three levels work in balance! What do I mean by that?

Just look at this picture:

That means for you: develop yourself on these three levels!


Very easily:

The mental level: Do things that fill you and make you happy. And things that make other people happy. Radiate happiness, positive life energy and joie de vivre. And work on it!

The spiritual level: set yourself financial goals. Learn a new language! Set life goals that you will achieve. Work hard to achieve these life goals.

The physical level: work on your fashion style. Do sports! Eat healthy! Become incredibly physically attractive and attractive to him!

After that: Now you show your development on Facebook. For example through pictures, videos or the like. After all, he should get something out of it!

The result: you become more attractive to him!

The consequence: he will start to miss you!

# Sign 7:… As soon as you arouse feelings in him

Arouse feelings in him! A sentence that seems simply written ...

But: there are methods you can use.

So: I have worked with numerous couple psychologists to develop techniques that trigger feelings. I myself call this procedure the four-pillar strategy!

And that's what it's about:

When we fall in love, we pass through a total of four worlds of emotions.

  • The feeling of security.
  • Sense of respect.
  • The feeling of excitement.
  • And fun.

That means: trigger these four feelings! And feelings are triggered in him.

Believe me: we have tens of them. Applied to clients and it works great.

The best thing to do is to initiate a meeting. A date on which you will unleash these 4 emotional worlds!

And that's how it works:

The feeling of security: trigger it by listening to it. By showing him that he can be himself. That his deepest secrets are safe with you. The feeling that he can tell you everything and belongs to you!

The feeling of respect: accept him in his masculinity. And support him in it. Show him how much you enjoy his manhood around you. And that with you he can be the hero he always wanted to be!

The feeling of excitement: does exciting things! Roller coaster ride, watching horror film, etc. It is important to: always try to lure him out of his comfort zone. If you can do that, you will generate massive attraction!

The feeling of fun: make him laugh! Laugh a lot yourself! Enjoy life and show yourself from a positive side.

Believe me: he will love it! Because you make him feel good!

So: trigger these feelings. And you will see that infatuation arises in him.

The result: he will start to miss you!

# Sign 8: Once you get version 2.0

Become version 2.0! With that I mean…

  1. ... that you are working on yourself ...
  2. ... that you change your inner attitude ...
  3. ... that you become more self-confident ...
  4. ... that you become more independent ...
  5. ... that you will be more exciting ...
  6. ... that you know what you want in life ...
  7. ... that you become more attractive and you are aware of your worth ...

Become version 2.0!

The logical consequence: he will run after you! And he will start to miss you.

# Sign 9: He's drinking a lot all at once

Men who love, who live. But if love becomes one-sided, life becomes hell. And you evade by changing your own state of consciousness.


Well, mostly through alcohol!

So: if he suddenly starts to drink a lot, then he will miss you.

But: Look at his or her drinking habits before and after the breakup.

If he drinks a lot more now, it will certainly be because of the breakup.

# Sign 10: Social isolation

Lovesickness drives men into social isolation.

  • He doesn't want to talk to anyone!
  • He doesn't want to share this pain with anyone.
  • You want to do everything alone.
  • And make up with yourself!

You don't want to be seen so destroyed!

That means: if he isolates himself, even though he is actually very social, then he loves you!

So: Just see if he's neglecting friends.

# Sign 11: He is entering into a comforting relationship

I know that sounds crazy. But it is not!

He's entering into a toast relationship!

Naturally: Why the hell should a man miss me when he gets into a relationship?

Yes: that sounds crazy!

But it is not!

Men often enter into relationships. Mostly short-term partnerships to overcome the pain of separation.

Pay attention to the following:

  1. Has he entered into a new partnership?
  2. Does he know this lady well?
  3. Has he only been familiar with this new relationship for a short time or has it been for a long time?


So: Is the relationship fresh and he hardly knows it ...

  • ... shortly after the separation, then it is mostly a consolation relationship.

And that means only one thing: trying to escape the pain of separation.

And that's a clear sign that he misses you!

# Sign 12: He talks about you a lot

Does he talk a lot about you? For example in front of relatives, friends or family?

If so, then he is attracted to you!

Just ask friends or family if he talks a lot about you! And whether he asks about you more often!

Or how difficult is it for him to break up? Or what he misses about you?

If so, then he misses you!

# Sign 13: if you're using this Facebook strategy

There is a Facebook strategy you can use. And who makes sure that she will miss you!

In essence, it's about:

Write down what he misses about you. So during your relationship!

Say: What he never liked about you!

For example: you never did any sport! You let yourself go and never really took care of your body.

But he would have loved to see you doing sports!

So: Pick out many points of this kind!

Second, you upload images. Pictures on which you suggest your further development!

With that I mean: that you show him that you have worked through these points and changed yourself.

For example: you upload a picture of just getting out of the gym!

The result: you take away from him more and more reasons for separation. As far as feelings can arise in him.

So: try this Facebook strategy! Believe me, it works wonders!

# Sign 14: If he supports you everywhere

No matter what you need, is he there for you?


Believe me: then he misses you!

He is aware that you are separate. At the same time, you mean a lot to him! Enough to keep holding onto you

Men who behave like this usually love without expectation. Especially if you are sensitive!


  • When he takes care of you and is there for you ...
  • No matter what you need ...
  • Especially if he's a kind-hearted and sensitive man ...

Be sure: you mean a lot to him and he misses you!

# Sign 15: If he's happy about date promises

Is he happy to accept a date?

  • For example, by lightening his mood?
  • Or is his self-confidence increasing?

Immediately after a date promise from you?

Believe me: then he misses you!

The good: this principle applies to every man. And it all happens subconsciously!


Just take a look: how's his mood when you have to cancel a date.

  1. For example, because you don't have time.
  2. Or something came up.

= Is he relatively neutral, sober, objective and understanding? Or does he react defiantly, sadly and dismissively?

And then look: how does his mood change when you go on a date?

  • Is he happy?
  • Is he in a better mood?

= If so: then miss you!

# Sign 17: he's freezing to you!

I know that sounds strange!

Because: If a man wants me, misses me or loves me ... Then why is he freezing to me?

Well, that's a normal reaction! A reaction that can be traced back to one-sided infatuation.

So: he misses you, you broke up with him (or he broke up with you) and somehow he has to deal with it.

And what most of them do: ignore, flash off, reject and be freezing.

Not even to hurt you! Rather, to show you clear boundaries.

And he needs these limits for only one reason ... Because he misses you!

So: just see how he behaves towards you. Is he suddenly dismissive? Is it suddenly freezing? Is he ignorant all of a sudden?

And especially: has he only acted like this since the breakup?

If so: then he misses you!

# Sign 18: He becomes suspicious of jealousy issues

As soon as jealousy arises, he becomes suspicious. If you just mention that you have met another man, you will be bombarded with questions ...

  • How?
  • Who?
  • When?
  • Where?
  • Etc.!

Men are jealous for only one reason: because there are still feelings involved!

And that clearly shows that he misses you.

So do the following test: Check his reaction as soon as you talk about other men.

  • Does he prick up his ears?
  • Does he ask a lot?
  • And does he want to know everything?

... then he misses you!

# Sign 19: Artificial joy

The artificial joy!

  • We're actually bad, the breakup hurts, because the girlfriend is the ex-girlfriend ...
  • And somehow we want to be happy in all of this. Find happiness again and feel joy.

Well: Most of the time, a kind of "artificial joy" develops. Exaggerated happiness that seems unnatural.

And yet it is necessary to deal with the situation better!

So: just see if he exudes artificial joy.

  • Does it look artificial?
  • Is he much happier than before?
  • Do you feel like he's fooling himself?
  • Do you feel like he wants to feel joy? But does he not feel it?

If so: be sure he misses you! This artificial joy is a logical consequence of lovesickness. And those who are lovesick will miss too!

# Sign 20: When his apartment comes down!

Suddenly the apartment looks like the last mess. Before everything was tidy, tidy and clean ...

But now nothing can be seen again.

Do you know this picture from Hollywood movies?

The separation is over and between pizza boxes, empty beer bottles and telenovela some man or woman is vegetating ... because of lovesickness ...

Well, there's an incredible amount of truth in that!

If you get the chance to see his apartment, keep your eyes open.

Look: Does everything look shabby and messy? Or as always?

  • If the latter is the case, then he doesn't miss you.
  • If the former is the case, then he'll miss you.


Because lovesickness makes you lose your drive. And makes sure that we withdraw. In addition, our ability to concentrate is severely restricted.

The logical consequence: the apartment is becoming more and more untidy.

# Sign 21: make him a memorable time

Do you want him to miss you? Then make sure that he can have an unforgettable time with you! I don't mean in the sexual sense! But rather general.

  • When you meet ...
  • When you are on the phone ...
  • If you write or communicate: invest in a nice time together.

The result: he will connect you and the time with positive experiences. And positive experiences stimulate our search center.

That means: whenever we want to feel good, we automatically think of the person with whom we are sharing positive experiences.

The consequence: You become more attractive to him again!

# Sign 22: If you take away the reasons for separation from him

Surely he had reasons to break up! Most of the time, the reason is a lack of love. Clear…

But what I mean are THE REASONS for the lack of love ...

  • What made him fall out of love?
  • What of what he once liked about you got lost during the relationship?

And why?

So: reflect on his reasons for separation.

Write down these reasons for separation:

  1. It doesn't matter if you are late ...
  2. Broke trust ...
  3. You were unreliable ...
  4. ... you controlled him too much ...
  5. ... or paid too little attention ...

It is important that you take away his reasons for separation! Write them down, sift them through and work on yourself.

Change yourself so much that in the end he can't find a reason to break up!

The result: As a rule, old feelings come up again. Which automatically leads to "missing".

# Sign 23: if you're using a contact block

Do you want him to miss you? Then use a contact blocker. In the best case of 30 days!


If you suddenly disappear from his life, you give him space and space to miss you.

He becomes aware of what it means to lose you forever.

You also trigger the following principle in it: “We want all the more that we cannot have”.

With a logical consequence ...

  • He's starting to run after you!

Farther: you have the opportunity to finally find yourself again.

So: set up a contact block. In the best case scenario, you trigger feelings to the point that he begins to miss you.

# Sign 24: When he posts sad posts on FB

Take a look at his Facebook Chronicle. Are there sad posts everywhere? If so, then he misses you!

Especially posts like mourning songs, quotes, sad sayings or the like.

As a rule, an attempt is made to get your attention ...

... To show you how bad you are.

With just one goal: to express one's pain.

And to share this with you if possible.

And of course the bad conscience!

Say: he misses you!

# Sign 25: if he wants to make you jealous

Is he trying to make you jealous?

  • By talking to other women on the phone, chatting or meeting?
  • Or does he appear at parties accompanied by women?
  • And then does he openly show that he is desired?

If so, then he's trying to impress you.

He wants to show you what you missed with breaking up with him.

Important: notice how noticeable this behavior is!

So: if he tries to make you jealous, then he misses you.

He's not doing it for fun, but to hurt you. And to show you what you missed.

And he shows you that for one reason only: because he still has feelings for you. And having feelings means that he misses you 100%!

When do men miss their ex - 5 reasons!

Sometimes men just don't miss their ex. They are no longer interested in seeing them. Let alone talk to her on the phone and write messages. Why it is like that? Here are the main reasons:

5 reasons why he doesn't miss you!

1 he has a new one.

That is the classic case. Men tend to start a new relationship more quickly after the breakup than women. Out of whichever reasons. But it distracts them. And they feel confirmed. The latter is important when the breakup has taken a bit of a toll on him. The better he feels when he gets female attention again.

But maybe he has also found his great love. And that is a very important reason not to miss you anymore ...

2 He enjoys his single life.

And to the fullest. Before that he felt almost a little cramped. And sometimes had the feeling that I was missing out on something. All the more he is drawn outside now. He throws himself into the party life. Moves around the houses with his buddies. And flirt as much as you can.

3 He's finished with the relationship.

And no longer interested in trying again. The reasons and causes that led to the breakup are too important to him. He cannot forget her. Do not know how to resolve this. And that's why he only looks ahead. And not back.

4 He has no more feelings for you.

Plain and simple. So why should he miss you? What if he doesn't feel anything as soon as he thinks of you? Just!

5 He felt trapped in the relationship

Sometimes he had the feeling that it was choking his breath. Maybe because you made too many demands from his point of view. Because at some point the love on your side was bigger than his. Because you asked him to do things that he couldn't give you. That's why it felt like a prison to him in the end. And he left and your lovesickness stayed

5 reasons he might miss you

But maybe he misses you too. Why? Let's take a closer look at this!

1 He has realized that you are his dream woman

Because the two of you still have so much in common. Because he can't talk to anyone else as well as you. Because you complement him and bring out his best aspects in him. He has now recognized all of this. And that's why he misses you.

2 He felt completely at ease with you.

When you were with him everything seemed so easy. He could let himself go and relax. Sit back. Didn't feel like he had to pretend anything. He has now recognized how valuable and rare this is ...

3 Sex with you was good.

And let's be honest: no other woman can do that. That's another reason why he misses you so much!

4 He left you because you cheated on you

And that hurt him a lot. And hit, more than he might admit. He's having a hard time with it. Has drawn the line to protect himself. Also out of pride. And yet he misses you so much ...

5 You left him

Out of whichever reasons. But the fact is: you're gone. And that hurts him very, very much. What to do now How to deal with it? He just doesn't know ... and in some moments has no idea how he's ever going to deal with it.

I've now shown you the most common reasons why men miss their ex - or not. But when does he actually miss you? The next chapter is about this question!

When will he miss you?

The question can basically be answered very easily: He misses you when his feelings for you are activated again! This is the only way to make him feel like he is missing.

Well, that was a straightforward answer. But how does it work? Let's take a closer look at that in the next section….

How you can awaken the desire in him in 4 steps!

Do you want to take it back again? And first of all create the feeling of missing in him? Then proceed with caution and care! Because even the smallest mistake can ruin everything you have achieved so far ...

I know exactly how valuable a sophisticated strategy is now. That's exactly what I developed. And imagine them here:

Step 1 - create a good time in all interactions!

Having fun together is the magic word here. Because that's how he realizes how much it gives him to be with you. If you laugh together, you will come closer together again. It feels so wonderfully light. Time flies like in flight. And that is something very beautiful!

But how can you do it? Reflect on the beginnings of your relationship. How was it there? What have you done?

AND: Contact should be made gradually. It's best to only have contact with each other via SMS and phone. Be funny, be casual and don't just put the cards on the table. If it thaws, you can propose a meeting. Or he will come up with this suggestion on his own. That would of course be even better ... Don't hold off your lovesickness!

Step 2 - create and increase flirtatious moments

The preparatory work is done. Now it's all about flirting with him! To create these moments of tension and seduction. And to gradually increase this ...

Again, think back to the beginnings of the relationship. How it was before you got together. Emphasize the parts he liked most about you. Your feminine side. Seduce him! You still know how to do it, don't you?!?

Step 3 - completely mirror it!

The important thing with all of this, however, is: adapt to your pace. If he doesn't get back to you right away: Don't do that either. If he's flirting with you: flirt back. If he keeps his distance: repeat this. Say: reflect his behavior. That is also part of the tactics!

Step 4 - dose closeness and distance!

Rely on the push and pull principle. What that means? Go up to him. Then withdraw again.

Build closeness when ...

  • he has made an advance beforehand. Like suggesting a meeting. Or flirt with you.
  • Nothing happens for a long time. Well, you are in contact now. Talk to each other again. But somehow things are not going well. Be brave! And dare to advance. Then see what happens. If it is possible without too great expectations!
  • Your gut feeling says it fits. Believe me: you will instinctively feel when the right time has come to establish closeness. Trust your gut feeling. After all, this is an emotional matter ...

Build closeness by ...

  • seduces him. Flirt with him. You can believe me! And it will definitely not leave him indifferent ...
  • enter into shared memories and experiences. You both have one asset: your common past. Use this capital! And remind him of what you two went through together. How exciting the first vacation together was. Or how it was when you spontaneously organized a picnic at midnight. That is also part of building closeness!
  • Tell about yourself personally. Open you up, at least a little. Talking about you and your feelings. This is also a test: how does he react to it? Is it worth it to continue to be taken into your trust? Try it!

Build distance if ...

  • nothing comes from him. And not over a longer period of time. You tried it. And plenty of it! But if he doesn't respond, then it shouldn't be. Then his feelings are just not enough. Please accept this! And turn to a new phase of life without him ...
  • he has a new relationship. And is very happy with his new partner. That's just the way it is. and you should leave them alone. Treat them to happiness. And concentrate fully on yourself again, on your own life. For your own sake!