Is that a good narrative style

Good style comes from within!

What inspires you for your styles?

Most of the time it is the moments that surprise me. That could be a new exhibition in the Gropius Bau in Berlin, the element of a stage design in the Maxim Gorki Theater or something unusual that struck me in the subway towards Kreuzberg.

Do you have an “Accidental Icon” from 50+ that you think is fabulous?

Maren Kroymann. A woman with style and opinion - according to my taste.

Style– a question of age for you?

Style or style, in my opinion, has nothing to do with certain categories. For me everyone has “style” that appears with a certain satisfaction and charisma - and you can do that at any age! It has to come from within, then you can also see it from the outside.

Is there a classic for you that suits every woman, whether young or old, curvy or sporty?

A good shoe! A simple, elegant and well-fitting shoe enhances and rounds off every look. And the best thing about it: It always fits!

And which shoe should every woman have in her closet just in case?

A pair of LaShoe shoes, of course!

What are the four big styling trends this year and which shoes can they best be combined with?

The classic: jeans. This trend isn't really back because it was never that completely gone. But a perfectly fitting pair of jeans still makes every woman look good. Add a pair of patterned or eye-catching cool shoes, a simple shirt and the iced coffee tastes better at the Italian ...

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