What is the reason for giving a deposit

Rent deposit from the job center: Application for a loan from Hartz IV

Rent deposit from the job center: the requirements

The rent deposit is subject to Section 22 (6) of the Second Book of the Social Code Housing acquisition costs. The job center can therefore call them necessary need recognize. The job center can also help with moving costs.

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The move must be necessary or ordered

For a rental deposit loan from the job center, your move usually has to be, for example because of:

  • Separation and moving out of the shared apartment
  • New addition to the family - the old apartment is too small
  • The old apartment is uninhabitable, for example due to mold
  • Own use of the landlord

If that Job center arranges the move itself, it can also grant the loan.

The apartment must be appropriate

Your new apartment must - in accordance with the guidelines of the job center - be of an appropriate size and not be too expensive.

The savings are not enough for the deposit

In addition, the loan will only be granted if you can prove that you have the Do not pay the rental deposit yourself can.

Good to know:

The job center may, under certain circumstances, demand that you give your so-called for the rent deposit Touching the gentle ability. The reason is that the deposit remains your property during the rental period and therefore does not reduce your assets.

How to apply for the loan at the job center

You can use the loan for the rental deposit informal apply with a simple cover letter to the job center.

The following information should be included in your application:

  • the amount of the rent deposit for your new apartment
  • what date you need the loan
  • Also state that you cannot raise the rental deposit from your own resources.

Include a written receipt showing the amount of the rental deposit. The future landlord can issue this to you.

Important: Always wait for the approval of the job center before signing the rental agreement - otherwise the deposit loan and possibly moving costs for the new apartment may not be covered.

No interest on loans

If you have enough savings for the rental deposit, things are looking bad with a loan from the job center. But you have one for that advantage: The landlord must provide the rental deposit invest interest-bearingso that you get your deposit back with interest when you move out. With a loan from the job center, you will not receive any interest on the deposit, as the authorities will advance the money and you will pay off the deposit at the job center.
A receipt for the amount of the rent deposit is included when you apply for a loan at the job center.

This is how the loan repayment works

The rental deposit loan is interest-free. You only have to repay the job center the amount that was advanced for the rent deposit.

This runs completely automatically: According to the law (Section 42a Paragraph II SGB II), the job center is allowed to do so monthly 10 percent of the Hartz IV standard rate withheld until the loan has been repaid - from the month following the disbursement of the loan.

Exceptions But there is also: If the temporary reduction of 10 percent is an unreasonable burden for you, a lower percentage can be agreed with the job center in justified cases.