How do dogs drink water

Help, my dog ​​doesn't drink! The 7 most common causes and best tips

Especially on hot summer days, dog parents are quickly worried if their four-legged friend drinks little. But it can also happen that your dog does not consume enough fluids. Under certain circumstances, this can be a sign of a serious illness. Find out how much water your fur friend needs and what you can doif your dog isn't drinking.

The 7 most common reasons your dog won't want to drink

The following causes can happen if your dog refuses his water:

1. Feed changeover

If your dog drinks little water, a change in food can also be the reason for this. Because he was initially only with dry food fed and now takes a Conversion to wet food, this is how a dog's need for water decreases. It is essential that you know how much a dog should drink per day and what factors increase or decrease its water needs.

If you've recently started using the BARF technology feed, then there is no need to worry, because raw meat has a lot more water than dry food!

Danger: If your dog does not drink anything for 2 days, life is threatened. See a vet urgently!

Does your dog also refuse to eat?Then there is the highest alert level for your four-legged friend!

2. Illness and stress

Illnesses or malaise can also hit your dog in the stomach. So that you can exclude this factor, pay your vet a visit. He should give your dog a thorough check-up.

Dehydration can have serious consequences for your dog.

Dogs can too suffer from a feed allergy and this can be too

  • Stomach pain,
  • Flatulence,
  • Diarrhea,
  • Belly grumbling,
  • aggressive behavior,
  • Constipation,
  • Rash and
  • malaise

to lead. With a Exclusion procedure or an exclusion diet can be used to find out which foods your dog is intolerant to.

3. After a vaccination

Your dog can do that Vaccine Damage Syndrome (ISS) suffer and therefore feel less thirsty. If vaccination damage is suspected, talk to your veterinary practice.

In the case of vaccine damage, a general distinction is made between acute and chronic.

4. After a diarrheal illness

If your dog has diarrhea, their general well-being is impaired. This can cause your dog wants to sleep more and so forgets to drink water.

But it can also happen that your dog drinks more water. This is a mechanism of the body which shows that a increased water requirement exists because a lot of fluid has been lost due to the diarrhea.

5. Heat phase

When a bitch is in heat Males often refrain from eating and drinkingbecause they only have one thing on their mind: their object of desire.

6. After an operation or anesthesia

Surgery is not a pleasant experience for humans or dogs. Your dog can after an operation

  • Be in pain,
  • be dazed, or
  • hanging on an infusion.

This can all help your dog doesn't feel like drinking. Ask your vet for advicewhen your dog can drink water again, as this depends on the type of surgery.

7. Dominance of another dog

With dogs it has Order of precedence is paramount. A glance from a higher-ranking animal is enough and your dog leaves his water bowl without a word.

The most common reason your dog has stopped drinking from the bowl

Does your four-legged friend refuse to take in water through its bowl?

The fact is: If your dog refuses the water bowl, he'll usually associate them with one unpleasant experiencethat happened to him.

Your dog may have scared while drinking water and now he connects the experience with the bowl.

Metal bowls can make high-pitched noises. So swap the old food bowl for one Ceramic or glass food bowl out.

Avoid plastic food bowls, as the ingredients dissolve in the water and can have harmful effects on your fur nose.

Top 5 Tips for Your Dog to Drink More Water

Dog owners should pay attention to the behavior of your four-legged friend, because when there is a lot of running and playing, people sometimes look for a puddle or rain barrel outside and drink.

Water in the feed:
Mix a lot of water into the food of your four-legged friend so that the food bowl is completely filled. This means that your dog will have to consume a large amount of water when eating.
Fruits into the water:
As your dog tries to get the fruit out of the water, he is forced to drink more water again. Try blueberries or cranberries, they also give your four-legged friend a little vitamin boost. Warning: your dog cannot eat all fruits without hesitation!
Liver sausage:
Squeeze a suitable liver sausage, preferably from a specialist store, into the water. The normal supermarket liver sausage can possibly have too much salt for your fur nose and dehydrate it even more.
Goat milk powder:
This trick 17 comes from tournament participants, as they prepare their dogs for the upcoming tournament and the dogs usually have no idea that they urgently need the water supply they need. Under no circumstances feed your dog normal milk!
Water dispenser:
They are very practical because they keep your dog busy and provide fresh and cool water at the same time.

Dogs need more water in summer

Especially in summer it is important that your dog drinks enough. But not only a lot of water is absolutely necessary on hot summer days. We'll tell you what you have to pay attention to for your four-legged friend in persistent heat!

More tricks to encourage your darling to drink water, you can find in the video: