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Combine black dress - always new, always exciting

A “little black dress” belongs in every wardrobe! There is hardly an occasion on which this textile "jack of all trades" could not be seen. Both in the business sector and for official occasions, for festive occasions, special moments or as a reliable basic in everyday life: We show you how to combine a black dress so that it accompanies you skillfully through all situations.

The “little black dress” - in English Little black dress (LBD for short) or Little Black Number - can already look back on a decades-long success story. If you have so much experience in terms of style, we are happy to leave the field to you when it comes to stylishly underlining your own personal style!

There are countless ways to combine a black dress and put it in the limelight again and again. Once the basis is laid with the right black dress, there are countless ways to transform a black dress. We have taken a closer look at different styling options for black dresses and give tips that make it child's play to combine black dresses!

The black dress - a textile success story

With the right accessories, you can transform your black dress into an all-rounder for various occasions.

Although the opinions of experts differ on this point, the little black dress has in fact made no one less than the grand dame of haute couture, Coco Chanel: As a revolutionary in fashion and a celebrated style icon to this day, it was the French fashion designer who caused a sensation at the end of the 1920s with a short, simply cut black dress. Presented in VOGUE in 1926, this dress became a must-have for all fashion enthusiasts of the time - and it should remain so for generations afterwards!

Sometimes it was one Audrey Hepburnthat the little black girl in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" with feminine grace and timeless class to the Cult status helped. Sometimes it was short, unconventionally cut black dresses that gave shape to a completely new image of women in the 1960s.

Sometimes the little black dress presented itself as a feminine, but at the same time tough “uniform” for the successful one Business womanthat stirred up the male-dominated business world in the 80s.

The little black dress understood and understands like hardly any other item of clothing how to react to fashionable and, last but not least, social developments. A textile chameleon in which women of all ages are perfectly dressed for all kinds of occasions. No other fashion piece can provide this performance so quickly - and we are delighted with the immense variety that combining black dresses opens up for us.

Combine black dresses and hit the bull's eye on every occasion

In the following we present different "areas of application" in which you shine in a black dress:

Combining black dress in everyday life:

For a "normal day" a black dress is a perfect choice, because it leaves room for our individuality and does not unnecessarily play itself in the foreground. A comfortable black dress is just as solid a choice for a working mother as it is for schoolgirls or students, for young professionals as well as for the successful business woman. Whether cozy at home or on the go between shopping, kindergarten, strolling through town, job appointment and families and friends: In a black dress you are always well dressed! Combine a black dress with comfortable shoes, such as boots, ballerinas or sneakers, in summer also sandals and Rely on fashionable backing at any time of the day or night. Black dresses made of easy-care, comfortable materials such as cotton, linen, jersey or light knitwear are ideal for every day.

Casual combination: a sporty black dress also goes well with sneakers

A black dress goes well with a casual leather, corduroy or denim jacket as well as a cozy knitted cardigan or a sporty parka. Combine your favorite accessories and give your black all-rounder a new touch!

Combining black dress at work:

The black dress also scores with business looks. Effective: contrasts!

Working women are always perfectly dressed in a black dress for everyday work, because black stands for Seriousness, class and self-confidence. At the same time, the color tone is skilfully reduced and is absolutely timeless. Regardless of current trends, a black dress in the business sector conveys a sense of style and as a "blank canvas" can underline changeability and wealth of ideas, especially in creative industries. Together with the right shoes and a well-cut blazer, a black dress becomes a business basic that is sublime for any trend. A little color is allowed accessories like a noble scarf, a simple chain or a high-quality bag. Depending on the industry, combination partners with strong colors can also be selected to give a black dress more individuality.

Combine a black dress for the evening:

For a neat after-work drink as well as for the next party, for a relaxed dinner with friends, an appointment with a partner or a hot date: you can always combine a black dress differently in the evening by using accessories and shoes that heat up the classic! Elegant or unusual “add-ons” always turn one and the same black dress into a different top outfit. How about a sequin embroidered cardigan, a modern long blazer or a luxurious knitted coat with a black dress? Combine sometimes subtle, sometimes extravagant jewelry for your little black dress and experiment with different shoes - a completely new look is created!

A black shift dress is one of the most fashionable evergreens! Always fit: strappy heels.

Combining black dresses for special occasions:

Whether it's a family birthday party, a company anniversary, an anniversary or a festive invitation: In a black dress that is not cut too provocatively, you will survive special occasions with stylish elegance. You can set fashionable accents with eye-catching jewelry, unusual shoes or an extravagant bag, but at the same time retain enough textile sensitivity to keep you from stepping out of line.

Find the right little black dress

A black dress that perfectly matches your individual clothing style and flatters your figure, lays the foundation that you can enjoy your black all-round talent for a long time and thus create a wide variety of looks! We give Tips on How to Find the Perfect Black Dress:

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Whether figure-hugging, sexy, playful, romantic, glamorous, elegant, casual for everyday use or serious for official occasions or everyday work: Black dresses come in a huge variety of cuts and stylesso that the perfect black dress can be found for every taste. As a basic, the little black dress should not be missing in any woman's wardrobe!

A simple one Shift dress with a subtle neckline, a skirt that is not too short and a small slit is ideal for various occasions, from job appointments to parties, dinner invitations or events. The classic can always be brought "up to date" with trendy styling partners, but never loses its relevance itself.

Even if black forgives a lot: the clothing material should be its own Body contours play around and don't sit too tight. The perfect length for an all-rounder in black is playing around the knee - This makes the little black dress suitable for the office as well as for an official occasion.

  • Soft and slightly stretchy fabrics such as Jersey, mixed fabric with elastane or fine Knitting qualities are ideal for black dresses that are worn in everyday life. Wrap dresses or dresses made of sweatshirt fabric are trendy and comfortable options here.
  • For the job or more chic occasions, it can be a black dress made of high-quality synthetic blended fabric, chiffon, crepe or even silk. In most cases, however, high-quality materials are not machine washable, but should be sent to the cleaning service.
  • In the evening the following applies to combining black dresses: puffing up is allowed! Black can also handle extravagant accessories and thus offers you the perfect "canvas" for individual eye-catchers.
  • A black dress that should be used in many situations can also cost something! Quality pays off, because a little black dress will be with you for a long time.

Styling tips for black dresses - combining made easy

Tights are the most important styling partner for black dresses. Combine either Sheer tightsthat resemble the skin tone to make your legs look more even, or choose opaque black tights for a classic look that looks serious and also makes your legs look slimmer. Colored tights or those with patterns set nice accents without being “too thick”. A simple black shift dress goes well with high-quality tights with small polka dots, and a black dress in a casual look can also be one more eye-catching tights in color or with a pattern be. By the way, when the shoes and the tights are the same color, the legs look longer!

Shoes change the effect of a black dress immediately! Simple ankle boots with heels, trendy ankle boots, rough boots in a biker look or classic ballerinas à la Audrey Hepburn - what goes best with the respective look? Colorful sneakers can also look cool with a black dress. The crowning glory for elegant outfits are natural High heels - Both as pumps (pointed versions or so-called kitten heels in the style of the 50s with a small stiletto heel are currently in fashion again). At work, high shoes should be more discreet and classic, but for the evening they can of course also be sexy stilettos, slingbacks or heels in eye-catching colors or with a metallic sheen. They immediately give a black dress a special touch.

Jewellery puts the crown on a black dress! Both simple pieces of jewelry and extraordinary eye-catchers come into their own on black. Are classic Pearls in combination with a black dress - this is how Coco Chanel already wore the look! Glittering costume jewelry or a cool statement necklace make the look special, as does a large ring or an elegant brooch. Accessories such as belts, shawls, scarves, bags or hats or hair accessories ensure that you can breathe new life into a black dress again and again.

When it comes to hairstyle and make-up, literally the entire “palette” of different looks is open to you: from the feminine femme fatale look with dramatic red lips and voluminous curls to sexy smokey eyes, a puristic eyeliner, sleek pigtails or tapered short hair cuts to trendy color accents on the eye or on the nails to boho braided hairstyles: Let yourself be inspired and round off your look with a suitable hairstyle and make-up.

Make sure that your little one is always black clean, crease and lint free is. A lint roller works wonders here, and every now and then a detour to cleaning is just as good for your black darling as a visit to the beautician for his wearer.

Whether completely casual, serious and self-confident or really sexy: We hope you enjoy exploring all the facets that a small black can offer you and with which you can underline your personality in a very individual way.

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