What is the hottest food you accidentally eat

Food is too spicy - what to do?

If the first food sample brings tears to your eyes, then you have most likely underestimated the effects of chili peppers and have spiced your food too hot. We have summarized for you below which clever tricks you can use to weaken the spiciness of your dish in order to still enjoy it.

  1. Tip: Add raw vegetables to your food that is too spicy. A few freshly peeled, raw carrots or potatoes have established themselves as real heat killers. just add the vegetables to your dish and let them cook for a while. In this way, the pungent active ingredients are reduced and your food is softened. After cooking, you can remove the vegetables and serve them afterwards.
  2. Tip: A teaspoon of honey or a little sugar can often help to reduce the spiciness in the food. Simply stir the sweeteners gently into your food until the spiciness is reduced. The characteristic taste of the food is not changed if used sparingly.
  3. Tip: Especially with soups, a little wine or a little broth can reduce the intensity of the heat and make your food enjoyable again.
  4. Tip: The fat in the food is an important flavor carrier, which also binds the spicy active ingredients of your ingredients in the dish. If you can, try to gently skim off the fat on the surface of your dish. With this method you can effectively reduce the spiciness of your food.
  5. Tip: stir some milk into your prepared food to reduce the spiciness from too much chili or pepper.
  6. Tip: If you do not want to reduce the spiciness of your dish, you can, as an alternative to your meal, simply serve some bread, milk, bananas or grapes. These products soften the spiciness.