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From Olympic Peace to World Peace / Fritz Roth

Roth, Fritz - jurist, 1941-

Edited by Academia-Verl .. Sankt Augustin - 2006

Based on the idea of ​​the ceasefire of the ancient Olympic Games, the author develops the concept of an idea for peace and asks the question why the ancient model is not carried over to the modern age. If the sport only wants and uses its possibilities, it considers its vision of a real feasible worldwide peace to be enforceable despite the expected resistance. He counters slogans like 'Sport cannot be better than society': 'Sport must be a role model for society, not its image'. In order to get closer to this goal, he urges a strict return to ethical values ​​and the really great spirit of sport. Therefore, it must be a goal to reduce the influence of money, power and drugs in sport. On this moral basis, sport can exercise its political mandate with the credible aim of demanding global peace for the time of the Olympic Games. To do this, in the opinion of the author, he must step onto the world stage of politics and understand his opportunity and his increased responsibility. The IOC and the NOK must be held accountable together with the UN. Only sport, no other secular or religious organization, can shoulder this challenge.

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