Who is the best Counter Strike player

CS: GO Hall of Fame - The Top 10 Professionals of All Time Part 1

These players are true legends

There are many notable players out there, but few achieve CS: GO legend status. The following pros all introduced something new to the game or even changed it.

Our list is not based on individual statistics. Just because a player is good doesn't necessarily mean they're a legend too. Instead, we're going to include all of the players who made a huge impact on this game. There is no ranking, nobody comes first, because all players on this list are equally important for CS: GO. So the order of our listing is completely random.

Get_RiGhT - The sneak

Christoper "GeT_RiGhT"Alesund is a professional Counter Strike player from Sweden. He has been active since 2003 and was the best player at the start of the professional CS: GO scene. In both 2013 and 2014 he made it to number one. This professional is considered the best Lurker known in the game.

"If you don't know where Get_RiGhT is, just turn around," says the community.

He has been accused of using cheats several times because he has collected an enormous number of kills through smoke and walls. He even admitted that he was using a cheat called "audience". At LAN tournaments he constantly aims through walls and waits for reactions from the audience. If he hears a reaction, someone is likely in his crosshair so he'll just shoot.

With Ninjas in pajamas he reached five major finals and even won a major championship title. Get_RiGhT currently plays for team Dignitas with his old teammates from the legendary NiP roster.

olofmeister - The clutch master

If anyone has made a huge impact on this game, it is definitely olofmeister. Olof "olofmeister"Kajbjer Gustafsson has been playing Counter Strike since 2010. With fnatic He won two major titles in 2015 and was also number one on the list of top 20 CS: GO players that year. However, other players have also won major titles - and they are not considered legends. So what makes olofmeister so special?

In the semifinals of the Major ESL One Cologne 2014, olof managed a successful defuse while standing burning in a Molotov. Permanent graffiti has even been added to the game for the sole purpose of remembering that moment. This graffiti can be found on the B-site on Overpass.

That was not all. Olofmeister was not satisfied with just one graffiti and therefore got a second one at Overpass's A-site. This graffiti is also permanent and is currently in the game. It's a no-climbing sign. And one wonders: what did he do to deserve this graffiti?

In the quarterfinals of Dreamhack Winter 2014, fnatic lost 12: 3 to LDLC Gaming at halftime. They even lost the guns round in the second half, but olof managed to turn the game around. Fnatic managed a three-man boost on Overpass's A-site. Olofmeister was at the top and could see all key areas of the map. The T's couldn't do anything about it as he was able to shoot them within the first few seconds of the round. It looked like this:

Unfortunately, fnatic was disqualified from this tournament and the boost was banned from the professional scene forever. The disqualification was very unfair because the boost wasn't forbidden before this game and they didn't do anything wrong or illegal. LDLC also won this major in the end.

Anyone who thinks that two graffiti and a boost ban were all Valve had to do because of olofmeister is wrong. Olof is also known as the Tec9meister. He earned this nickname at ESL One Katowice when he simply ran the Tec9 over the map and gave everyone headshots. He used the virtues of this weapon to his advantage and finished the round single-handedly. After that, the community began to overuse the Tec9 and Valve had to reduce gun damage and the size of the magazine. This player is sure to give them a headache.

And the story of olofmeister doesn't end there. Right now he's playing in the FaZe clan as a rifler and second AWPer and we're just waiting for the next crazy thing he'll do.

kennyS - The AWP Criminal

Kenny "kennyS"Schrub is a professional Counter Strike player from France. He currently plays as the main AWPer at G2 Esports.

kennyS has been active in CS since 2011. This player is known by many names, but the most famous is certainly "The MagiciaN". He earned this nickname when he played with his AWP Asiimov, which he called "Magic Stick".

Back when you could still run while aiming with the AWP, kennyS was certainly the best AWP in the world. He just hid around a corner and kept replying while killing the entire opposing team. Valve had to intervene here too and reduced the speed of the player model while aiming. KennyS has also reintroduced Quick Scopening in CS: GO.

His greatest achievement is having a victory EnvyUs against Na'Vi in the grand final of the DreamHack Open Cluj-Napoca 2015 Major. The whole game revolved around a battle between KennyS and GuardiaN, two AWP Mains. If you haven't seen the game yet, you should definitely catch up on it. It is certainly one of the best games in CS: GO history.

Dev1ce - The real MVP

Nicolai "dev1ce"Reedtz is a professional Counter-Strike player from Denmark. He currently plays for Team Astralis as AWP-Main. Dev1ce has spent his entire career on the same team, Astralis.

Lots of people have tried comparing dev1ce and s1mple to see who is the better AWP player. But these two players simply cannot be compared. S1mple is a raw talent, while dev1ce is rather clever. Because of this, dev1ce's kills are not spectacular and look comparatively easy to do. But believe us when we say they aren't. Dev1ce is always trying to find the perfect position and that positioning makes his kills look easy.

As FaZe's NiKo said, "He's both a blessing and a curse to play for Astralis". This statement is absolutely correct. The thing is, dev1ce won absolutely everything except for first place on the list of Top 20 CS: GO Players of the Year. Astralis is arguably the best CS: GO team at the moment and it can't stand out because everyone is good. Dev1ce won a total of four major titles and three of them in a row. It is very likely that he will win the next major tournament as well.

f0rest - The G.O.A.T. (Greatest of all time)

We end our first part with Patrik "f0rest"Lindberg. A Swedish Counter Strike professional who has been playing since 2003. With his team NiP he won the ESL One Cologne Major in 2014. He played this game at the highest level throughout his career and was unsurprisingly four years in a row from 2013." in the top 20 list of the best CS: GO players until 2016. He currently plays in the Dignitas team as Rifler and AWPer alongside his old teammates from the legendary NiP roster.

Tomorrow comes the second part of the top 10 professionals of all time. Until then you will find all the news about CS: GO here.