Why is jaywalking a criminal offense in Poland?

INDECT is entering the final phase and wants to monitor people who go through red lights

The controversial EU research project INDECT is on the home straight, the project should be completed by June 30, 2014. The first end-user tests took place at the end of September. The results were published today on the INDECT website and show that there is a risk of completely disproportionate surveillance.

The key techniques that were presented included automated audio and video surveillance. For example, people in public spaces should be counted using various techniques, objects should be tracked automatically and the like. In addition, specific events that represent (possible) security threats should be recognized by the monitoring systems. These events include pedestrians who ignore a red light and still cross the street. This monitoring is part of the criteria that were criticized as completely absurd at the beginning of the project, according to which the monitoring should work. Because for the researchers, "loitering" is also an extremely dangerous action.

The new technology should also be able to recognize and listen to "conversations in very noisy environments" in addition to gunshots, screams, explosions and breaking glass.

The Romanian police, the Greek public order office, the Spanish Ministry of Defense and the Polish company Microsystem took part in the test.

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Alexander Sander is the EU Public Policy Program Manager at the Free Software Foundation Europe. Alexander Sander has the NoPNR! founded, was managing director at the digital society e.V. and individual observer at EDRi. Alexander tweeted as @lexelas.
Published 11/6/2013 at 5:22 PM