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For the start from September 2021, we will continue to mediate even in Covid-19 times. We are currently receiving numerous inquiries about this from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We would be happy to advise you online at short notice so that your child can have an excellent stay at boarding school. We can of course understand that you are concerned about the safety and health of your child in this special situation. But we can assure you that the protection of children and teachers is paramount at boarding schools in England.

Through comprehensive hygiene concepts, English boarding schools are optimally prepared for the pandemic situation (see Covid-19 update Akademis). In Great Britain, face-to-face classes have been taking place since March 8th.

English boarding schools stand for proven traditions, values ​​and a high academic level. That is why they are very popular not only with foreigners. Many British upper class families also prefer English boarding schools and private schools to state high schools - and the trend is rising. There are now over 2,000 boarding schools in England.

Choosing exactly the boarding school that optimally looks after and promotes the special personality of your child is therefore a challenge. As a placement agency, we are experts in boarding school in England, we know your difficulties very well and we want to be your knowledgeable guides.

We are there for you from Monday to Sunday so that you can find the perfect boarding school for your child, in which they can fully exploit their personal and intellectual potential. Our partner boarding schools are among the leading in England. We do not include others in our portfolio.

Why should you get help from the Akademis Boarding Advisory Service when looking for a boarding school?

  • We have been successfully and seriously placing students in premium boarding schools for years. We are in constant contact with them.
  • We are the link between you and these top private schools. For you, our experience, advice and mediation are non-binding and without any catches.
  • We sensitively research the personality of your child and your wishes. Because for the boarding school stay to bear fruit, the atmosphere has to suit the child.
  • Akademis Internatsberatung GmbH is a certified ICEF agency. We are evaluated regularly and adhere to strict quality standards.
  • We organize (video) interviews with private schools for you and prepare them with you. You do not speak English? No problem, we would be happy to organize the application process for you.
  • Would you like to take a look at a boarding school in advance? We are happy to make this possible for you.
  • We support your child with the entrance exams because we know the content of the exams.

We are there for you in the entire German-speaking area - whether Munich, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Berlin or Zurich. We would be happy to advise you by phone and video call. On-site advice is also possible on request.

Overview of boarding schools in England

What distinguishes boarding schools in England?

1. Focus on the strengths of the student

Every child has their own personal strengths. These can go under in German schools due to the uniform teaching program and the lack of individual support. Unlike the German school system, English boarding schools place the academic focus on the strengths of their students and encourage them individually.

2. Small classes

On average, a class consists of 7 to 11 students. The typical frontal teaching in Germany is not common at an English boarding school. Here the teachers stimulate practical and project-related interesting discussions in which all students are involved.

Nobody can dream in the back row or develop into an outsider unnoticed, because he is constantly encouraged to bring his own talents to bear. So every child is proud to be a member of the school community.

3. Highly committed & competent teachers

English boarding school teachers traditionally love their subjects. You are passionate about teaching and develop an outstanding reputation at a young age. Many teachers live on campus, and additional hours after the end of classes are not uncommon. The teachers are very popular with the students and the students enjoy learning.

A completely different spirit of respect, discipline and motivation prevails at English boarding schools than at German schools.

Together with excellent teaching facilities, this spirit makes it easy for teachers to focus on imparting knowledge and personal development of their students.

4. Pupils with learning difficulties meet experienced specialists in English boarding schools

Not every child has the same starting position: some struggle with dyslexia, ADHD, motivation problems or other learning difficulties. Many English boarding schools have their own departments with experienced specialists. Everything is carefully done to ensure that every child achieves their personal learning goals.

5. English boarding schools offer state-of-the-art, fantastic teaching equipment

In UK private schools, teaching and sports facilities, as well as teaching methodology, are common state of the art. Fantastically equipped laboratories, theaters with 300 seats, the latest media technology make learning exciting.

6. Learn English at an English school

English is not only a world language, but also the language of science. Mastering these of course is a clear plus point for a later career. The earlier English is fully practiced, the better. In German schools, the level of English lessons varies and is heavily dependent on the commitment of the teacher.

In a British boarding school, your daughter or your son practically breathes in the foreign language. You can also find more about language trips on our English language trips subpage!

Your child will learn English by themselves when it comes to getting to know their schoolmates in the boarding houses. When they share rooms, meals, lessons, and free time with their new friends, they will quickly be able to express themselves well. The English skills acquired in the boarding school will remain with the students for a lifetime.

7. Special talents can develop in boarding schools

English boarding schools have often revealed talent that no one has discovered before. Special talents are empathetically and highly competently promoted and thus brought to bloom. Whether math ace, highly musical pianist, aspiring athlete - many English boarding schools have such priorities.

8. Promotion of independence

At English boarding schools, students are instructed to become independent at an early stage. You take responsibility for the cleanliness of your personal area, get involved in projects and also have to work out learning content independently. Such requirements are not made in public schools in Germany.

9. Because the students reach their full potential, they are well prepared for their future

Private schools in England focus on developing the maximum potential of each individual student. They offer an extraordinarily wide range of options for this.

The students learn to deal successfully with challenges early on and are therefore very well prepared for all future ones.

10. English boarding schools encourage learning

In contrast to German schools, English private schools have a special motivation to learn: Good school performance is “cool”. Learning together in the library creates a bond, and the students inspire each other.

One study found that 78 percent of boarding school students in England feel motivated by their classmates. In public schools and high schools, however, the value is only 48 percent.

11. Schoolchildren learn to make friends and benefit from alumni associations

Being exposed to the same challenges and problems in everyday school life brings students together and trains their sense of community. Deep, well-founded friendships develop. Often these last a lifetime.

An English boarding school graduate also remains an "alumni" forever and thus has access to the exclusive alumni associations of his school, some of which are scattered around the world.

Boarding school England costs and prices

Boarding schools in England set their school fees individually. Therefore the costs vary greatly. They are usually between £ 9,200 and £ 14,000 per term. A year abroad at an English boarding school is divided into three “terms”. The average cost is approximately £ 11,400 per term.

It is different in Germany: Here a school year is divided into two half-years.

Thus, the cost of a year abroad at a boarding school is between approximately £ 27,600 and £ 42,000 per year.

These services are included in the school fees

  • classes
  • Class material
  • Catering
  • accommodation
  • laundry
  • Extracurricular activities

These services are not included in the school fee

  • uniform
  • Tutoring
  • Private music lessons
  • pocket money

Open questions about boarding schools in England?

How expensive is an English boarding school?

School fees for a year abroad in England range from approximately £ 27,600 to £ 42,000 (€ 30,000 to € 47,000).

Everything else about the costs of English boarding schools.

With our help, you will find a boarding school that financially fits your needs. Finally, for a year abroad in England, the difference between two schools can be up to £ 14,400. Boarding schools in rural regions are often cheaper.

How much does a term at an English boarding school cost?

The fees for a "Term" are between 9,200 and 14,000 pounds (10,000 to 15,600 euros) depending on the boarding school. The average cost is approximately £ 11,400 per term.

Is it possible to stay at boarding school for 3 or 6 months?

With a “flying visit”, your child does not spend the entire year abroad at an English boarding school, but only one or two terms. However, not every boarding school offers this short term stay. We know the corresponding boarding schools and look forward to advising you on this.

Another way to get a taste of boarding school life is the “Summer School England” program, a language course during the summer or Easter holidays. Summer school stays at UK boarding schools are slightly cheaper than trimester stays.

Is it possible to apply at short notice?

Many of our partner boarding schools have short-term boarding places available for students we have placed. Fortunately, you can even apply two weeks before school starts.

Are school grades from an English boarding school in Germany taken into account?

If your child's stay abroad was organized correctly, the grades at the school in Germany will be taken into account. It is advisable to speak to the German school in advance. Of course, we will support you with our experience in this process.
In this way, your child can have their year abroad credited in Germany without having to repeat the grade.

What are the advantages of staying at an English boarding school?

The most important aspects:
- Motivated and competent teachers
- Improvement of the English language skills
- Promotion of individual strengths
- Establishing important contacts
- Conveying traditional values
- Promotion of independence
- Small classes
- Intercultural Competence

Is there a scholarship?

There is a chance of a partial scholarship. However, this requires outstanding academic achievements or special talents in the fields of sport, music, art or theater. Unfortunately, the number of these scholarships is very limited.

Are there any leisure activities such as horse riding in UK private schools?

Yes, there are a variety of leisure activities. Riding is also part of it. You can find more activities on this page, or just contact us.

Is there any experience of boarding schools in England?

We have gathered a lot of experience about English private schools on this page from which you will benefit. For more information, simply arrange a consultation with us!

When are the boarding school fees paid?

As a rule, the fee is paid before school starts. You will receive an invoice from the school a few weeks beforehand.

Do school fees increase year on year?

An increase in fees by two to four percent per year is common. You as parents will be informed of this as soon as possible. Reasons for higher contribution costs are the rising prices of school equipment and food.

How do you find the right one for your child among the multitude of English boarding schools?

Let the Akademis Boarding Advisory Service help you!

We are the interface between your family and private English schools. We know which boarding school suits your child's personality and will guide you sensitively through the entire search and application process.
We can afford to have only the best, English boarding schools in our portfolio, because the private schools, like you, are interested in finding the right children for their institutions and are happy to work with our placement agency.
For more information, simply arrange a consultation with us!

Are the tuition fees tax deductible?

According to the German Federal Fiscal Court, 30 percent of the tuition fee for attending a private school in the UK is tax deductible - up to a maximum of 5,000 euros per year. The school does not have to be in Germany. You can find additional information here.

What effects will Brexit have on boarding school in England or Great Britain?

Although Brexit has taken place, nothing will change in 2020. You can easily continue to enroll your children in English private schools.
Even after January 31, 2021, schoolchildren and students will still be able to go to school in England and the United Kingdom without any problems!
From day X, your child will likely need a visa to go to school in England, but this is a simple process with which UK premium boarding schools have decades of experience. Your students traditionally come from all over the world (Asia, America, etc.).

Boarding school England - the application process

Each boarding school has its own admission criteria. For some, it is necessary to successfully complete an entrance test.

Boarding School England - Akademis Boarding School Advice

Mathematical and linguistic skills are tested. Of course, we will support you and your child in preparing for the tests and discuss the test content with you.

Other boarding schools do not provide for admission tests, but want to get to know your child in a conversation. Conversation via Skype is common.

We are also at your side as a competent consultant in the preparation for this, and you benefit from our many years of experience.

Application time for English boarding schools

The lead time for applications varies greatly. Some boarding schools have an application lead time of one to one and a half years. Others are flexible about accepting new students until shortly before the start of the semester. Here it is even possible to apply a few weeks before school starts.

Contact us - we will discuss the options together and with confidence.

Duration of a stay at a boarding school in England

Many boarding schools in England require a minimum stay of one year or three terms. However, some private schools also offer a stay of one or two terms. A stay of two years is essential for taking the English Abitur (A-Levels or IB) or the Real Certificate (GSCE).

England Boarding School & Leisure Activities

Sports activities in English boarding schools

In contrast to German schools, English boarding schools offer their students a wide range of sports. Wonderful for all children: you can choose your favorite sports yourself!

Thus, private schools in England help ensure that no one is excluded because of their individual athletic performance. Different levels of ability enable the students to develop their athletic abilities without any particular pressure to perform.

Overview of some sports:

Team sports: Cricket, rugby, soccer, dancing, hockey, lacrosse, basketball, baseball, volleyball, water polo, sailing, kayaking, rowing, etc.

Individual sports: Tennis, horse riding, swimming, chess, golf, athletics, badminton, triathlon, fencing, cycling, mountain biking, table tennis, martial arts, etc.

horse riding at English boarding schools: You can find detailed information on this in our article on riding in boarding schools.

Artistic activities in English boarding schools

English boarding schools give their students a broad musical education. Due to the high tuition fees, the private schools can employ the best qualified music teachers. This leaves enough time for intensive care for each student. Many schools offer students the opportunity to learn up to three instruments in regular lessons.

Playing an instrument is of course not an obligation.

Overview of some artistic courses:

  • Music lessons: piano, cello, violin, violin, harp, drums, etc.
  • Singing lessons
  • Theater lessons
  • Acting class
  • To paint
  • To design
  • Film editing
  • Architecture & 3D design
  • photography
  • and much more

Facts & Figures: Private Schools England

Overall, only 7 percent of the English have attended private school. Top positions in British corporations are, however, largely held by former boarding school students. Furthermore, over 76 percent of the highest judges in England are ex-boarding school students.

We will illustrate this with other professions. The percentage of former boarding school students is:

  • 53% among diplomats
  • 55% with the state secretaries
  • 48% of the most respected lawyers (more details can be found here)
  • 45% among the senior civil servants
  • 43% among journalists

You can find more information here.

Private Schools England: Benefits of a Private Student Exchange

Private schools in England are very well networked with English elite universities. The vast majority of students at an English private school study at one of the UK's leading universities (the Russel Group) after high school graduation. This is the network of the 24 most prestigious universities in the UK.

5 percent of all students in a private school in England then study in Oxford or Cambridge (Oxbridge). In public schools, however, the rate is only 1 percent. Former boarding school students are also disproportionately represented at the universities of the Russell Group. More than 38 percent become students at a Russell Group university after completing their English Abitur. In contrast, the rate of pupils in a public school is only 11 percent.

It is not without reason that English middle class families invest several thousand pounds a year in the education of their offspring. You are welcome to find further advantages of English boarding schools here.

Weekend trips to boarding schools in England

The boarding school students have a lot to do on the weekends. On Saturdays, they can take additional classes and do sports in the afternoons.

Organized excursions often take place on Sundays. These include trips to amusement parks, going to the cinema, shopping, canoeing, go-karting or playing paintball.

Your offspring will not be left alone, will quickly find contact with their classmates and will be perfectly integrated from day one.

Elite Boarding School England: An Overview

England is the Paradeland of the elite boarding schools. What distinguishes this from others?

In England the grading scale ranges from A to F. The grade A is the best. Elite schools in England are identified on the basis of the average high school graduation achieved there. English elite schools usually have an A grade of over 80 percent.

Another factor is the “Oxbridge” share. This refers to the proportion of students who attend Cambridge or Oxford University after graduating from high school. Typically, the Oxbridge value of an elite boarding school in England is over 10 percent. In public schools the value is only 1 percent.

Of course, history is also of particular importance. In Great Britain, for example, which celebrities have attended boarding school or private school plays a major role. Prince Harry, for example, is considered one of the most famous former students at Eton College.

We can help your child on their way to one of the best boarding schools in England! Ask us if you want to know more.

Boarding Houses & Boarding Schools

International and British students spend the night together in so-called "boarding houses". These are accommodations on the school premises. Often more than 20 students live in a boarding house.

In order to look after them optimally, the so-called “housemaster” usually lives with his family in the same building. He is the constant contact for “his” students, takes care of small and large ailments, organizes film or game evenings and acts as a confidante.

Since the boarding houses are gender segregated, the housemaster is often a man for boys and always a woman for girls.

The rooms are called "dorms", usually two students live in one room. With younger students, three students usually share a dorm. Some boarding schools also offer single rooms.

Boarding school locations in England

Most private English schools are located in the rural part of England. They show these differences to the big city boarding schools:

  • In English metropolises, children are usually picked up by their parents after class. In rural private schools, the majority of students spend the night in boarding schools at least Monday through Friday. This enables German boarding school students to make deeper friendships with English schoolmates.
  • Rural elite schools are often a little cheaper than schools in large English cities.
  • The journey is longer, as a rental car often has to be taken from the airport. Some schools also offer transport services.
  • Boarding schools in London are on average among the most expensive boarding schools in England.

When deciding where to apply for a boarding school place for your child, we will be happy to assist you with our experience. Get in touch, we will be happy to advise you!

Free trial days at a boarding school in England

Our excellent relationships not only enable you to visit boarding schools for free. We also offer your offspring the opportunity to take part in boarding school life with the potential future class for two days free of charge. On these taster days, your child can get to know classmates, take part in lessons and dine with everyone in the school canteen. Free and without obligation.

This is a unique opportunity to get to know boarding school life as well as private school in England!

Of course, your child will be looked after by the teachers and selected, responsible classmates during these two days. In this way, your offspring can easily integrate into the class rhythm right from the start. So that it stays exciting in the evening, your child will share the room with classmates in a "boarding house".

Boarding school in England: Finding process and application process

As a placement agency for English boarding schools, we accompany you as a knowledgeable guide through the almost unmanageable market.

We'll help you find the right boarding school in England for your offspring. As a neutral consultant, we are at your side until the end of the application process. We not only support you professionally, but also humanely and sensitively.

Conclusion: stays at English boarding schools

Do you want to create the best basis for a successful future for your child and give him everything important for a future career?

Then, of course, language skills in English should not be missing. Your child will easily learn English at British private schools and boarding schools, especially in informal exchanges with their classmates and friends.

The right English boarding school for your child is the one that, in addition to teaching the language, optimally promotes your daughter's or son's own talents and conveys the values ​​to your offspring that you want to give them along the way.

Boarding schools in England are very different from one another. As parents, you can quickly lose track of the 2000 facilities on the British Isles.

We at Akademis Boarding School Consulting can be your compass and your knowledgeable companion. We support you in the best possible way with our know-how and experience and find the right boarding school for the child you love.

In our portfolio you will only find the crème de la crème of the English boarding schools!

We look forward to getting to know you personally!

English boarding schools: some of our partner schools

Malvern College

IB graduation from one of the finest and most demanding boarding schools in England. Highly professional and exciting education by masterly teachers also for athletes, musicians and artists.
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Lancing College

Very British, this beautiful campus near Brighton. Every student can develop on a fabulous 500 hectare campus. Own riding stables and farm.
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The Leys School

In the middle of Cambridge, in close connection with the famous university, The Leys School has produced important politicians, athletes and scientists for almost 150 years.
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Royal Hospital School

On the English east coast, the Royal Hospital School stands for maritime tradition and demanding water sports. 300 years of tradition and innovation in British education.
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St Leonards School

The beautiful location by the sea, an impressive golf academy and state-of-the-art art department make this IB boarding school particularly popular. Talented athletes and artists from all over the world are constantly drawn to the best golf boarding school in Great Britain.
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Millfield School

Hands down the best sports boarding school in the UK. Riding, rugby, swimming, cycling and many other sports are practiced at an Olympic level. But that's not all. Caring support ensures academic excellence.
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Stonar School

Makes riders' hearts beat faster. The professional equestrian center with dressage field and show jumping ring accommodates 65 horses! As the best riding school in Great Britain, it integrates equestrian sports optimally into the demanding everyday school life. Even non-riders will find a warm home.
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Sutton Valence School

Demanding, warm-hearted and typically British. Musically and scientifically, it is even considered a leader in Great Britain. In addition to the academic core programs, leadership, self-confidence, friendliness and devotion are also taught in ultra-modern rooms.
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Clayesmore School

Whether learning difficulties or above-average abilities: individually adapted support in a warm-hearted environment motivates every student to give their best. Children with dyslexia receive special support from the Learning Support Department.
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Oswestry School

Individual support - academic, mental, moral - and its warm-hearted atmosphere make this boarding school a guaranteed feel-good place for new students. Exciting outdoor activities are only part of the wide range of sports and leisure activities.