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List of saints from Cornwall - List of Cornish saints

Flag of St. Piran, used as the flag of Cornwall
St. Piran depicted in a stained glass window in Truro Cathedral

this is a List of saints from Cornwall , including the saints more associated with Cornwall: many of them will have links to places in regions of significant ancient British history such as Wales, Brittany or Devon.

The Archangel Michael from Perugino's triptych in the Certosa of Pavia * The Archangel Michael was recognized as the patron saint of Cornwall in the Middle Ages. However, his cult was introduced to the country by the Normans. In the calendar of the Diocese of Truro of the Church of England, May 8th is the feast of Saint Michael, protector of Cornwall . The Archangel Michael is one of the three patron saints of Cornwall.

List of some famous Cornish saints

For more information, see the works of Canon Doble (1880–1945) in Nicholas Orme's book The Saints of Cornwall (2000) and in the works of Charles Henderson

NB All of these have Cornwall dedications, but not all have legends or traditions that associate them with Cornwall.

Truro Honor Cannon

A stained glass window in the choir of Tintagel Church depicting St. Piran (left) and St. Julitta

The 24 honorary cannons of Truro Cathedral occupy stalls named after 24 saints (almost all from Cornwall): Carantoc; Buriana; Germoe; Conan; Winwalloe; Nectan; Petroc; Adwenna; Piran; Constantine; Cybi; Paul; Breaca; Neot; Rumon; Sampson; German ; Meriadoc; Euni; Ia; Endelienta; Columb; Corentin; Aldhelm.

Modern Cornish Saints

Newer Cornishmen recognized for their holiness include the Irish Cornish martyr John Cornelius.

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  • Nicholas Roscarrock (d. 1634) left an interesting account of the lives of the saints.
St. Petroc's Cross, used as the flag of Devon

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