How do I get to the BBC

Audio transcripts

Audio 1

Nico meets his colleagues

Anna: Hello! And who are you?
Nico: I'm Nicolai Antonescu.
Ms. Maier: Mr. Antonescu? Welcome. I am Mrs. Maier.
Anna: Ms. Maier is the boss.
Nico: Good afternoon, Ms. Maier.
Ms. Maier: And where are you from, Mr. Antonescu?
Nico: I'm from Romania.
Ms. Maier: Guys, this is Mr. Antonescu, our new volunteer.
Anna: Hello, Daniels. I am the production secretary.
Nico: Hello ... Ms. Daniels.
Anna: Hello.
Ulli (on the phone): OK, Ms. Schneider. Yes immediately. I'll send the volunteer.
(to Nico): Hello. Are you our new volunteer?
Nico: Yeah. I am Nicolai Antonescu.
Ulli: Hello, I'm happy. I am Ulli Michel. Please bring this to our editor, Ms. Schneider. Room four four five.

People introducing themselves

Woman 1: Good afternoon! And who are you?
Man 1: I am Gerrit Neumann. I'm from Munich.
Woman 1: Hanna Schiller, from Stuttgart. I am glad to meet you!
Woman 2: What's your name?
Man 2: My name is Schmalfuß, I come from Dresden. And you?
Woman 2: My name is Gründler. I am glad to meet you!
Woman 3: What's your name?
Woman 4: My name is Renate Stolz. I come from berlin. And you?
Woman 3: My name is Maria Braun. I come from London.

Audio 2

People stating their profession

Mr. Grospitz: My name is Rudolf J. Grospitz. I'm an action designer at the Düsseldorf trade fair.
Mr. Gruber: My name is Peter Gruber and I work for Bootcenter Creek, Germany. And we distribute the product Sunseeker International. These are power boats.

Audio 3

People talking about their jobs

Man 1: What is your job?
Woman 1: I'm the purchasing manager at Haase. What do you do for a living?
Man 1: I am the HR manager at Hartwig & Co.
Man 2: Which company do you work for?
Woman 2: I'm the shipping manager at Qualle. At which company do you work?
Man 2: I am self-employed. I have my own company.

More people talking about their jobs

Man 1: My name is Schimanke. I am the sales manager at the Birnbaum company in Dresden. May I introduce - this is Ms. Schmidt, production manager
Woman 1: Nice to meet you.
Woman 2: My name is Maier. I am purchasing manager at Kleinweg in Stuttgart. May I introduce: Doctor Schenk, Managing Director
Man 2: Nice to meet you.