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Anyone who has a terminally ill relative or is possibly affected themselves has to make important decisions. This also includes the question of how one would like to spend the last few weeks of life. One option is to stay in a hospice. Answers to important questions about the sensitive topic.

Who can be admitted to an inpatient hospice?

Hospices only accept people who are suffering from an incurable disease that will lead to death in the foreseeable future. Further prerequisites are: Treatment in hospital is not necessary and outpatient care in one's own household or in the family is not possible - for example because the relatives are overloaded with care or the patient's psychosocial care needs are beyond the possibilities of the carers.

Who will pay for the stay?

Since the end of 2015, the health and long-term care insurance funds have taken on 95 percent of the costs, previously the share was 90 percent. The rest are financed by the hospices or their sponsors through donations.

How do I get a place in a hospice?

The question of how you want to spend the last days of your life is not always easy to answer.

A treating doctor must certify a corresponding diagnosis and the need for care in the hospice. With this medical prescription, an application is submitted to the health insurance company. Applications are available from health insurance companies and hospices.

Where can I get advice?

Since the end of 2015, patients have been entitled to comprehensive advice from their health insurance company. The health insurances must inform about hospice and palliative care offers in the region, name contact persons and support the patients in contacting them. Ideally, they work together with care advice and municipal service centers. In addition, patients can also contact a hospice in their area directly for advice.

Is it possible to move from a nursing home to a hospice?

There are narrow limits to changing from a nursing home to a hospice. It is only possible if care is no longer possible in the home because the effort for palliative care is no longer possible.

How many patients are accommodated in a hospice at the same time?

Most hospices offer between 6 and 16 beds.

How do I find a hospice near me?

The dying do not have to pay any money to stay in the hospice.

The German Society for Palliative Medicine offers a guide with addresses and contact details. In addition, the health insurance companies help with the search for a hospice.

What are outpatient hospice services?

Outpatient hospice services are mostly carried out on a large scale by volunteers. They accompany and support the terminally ill at home or in familiar surroundings. Outpatient hospice services usually do not take on any nursing or medical tasks themselves, but take care of the holistic care of the dying person with pastoral and palliative medical offers. Mostly they cooperate with special nursing services and the attending doctors. In addition, the hospice services often offer grief counseling and support relatives in their grief work.

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