Can you find gemstones in Wisconsin

In the garnet town of Radenthein, a few steps away from the town center, one encounters meter-long garnet deposits in the rock. Garnet was mined here for years and brought to Bohemian grinding shops for processing, which it called seductively sparkling Bohemian garnet left. The Granatium opened its doors in 2008 and is a fascinating world of experiences revolving around the "stone of love and passion":

Garnet exhibition: The exhibition takes you into the wonder world of the garnet and brings you closer to the “drop of blood from the Nockberge” in all its shapes and colors and its history. Our is unique Garnet room. Come in: with the first steps you will feel the power that radiates from the stone of love and passion.

Walkable garnet vein: You continue walking into the mysterious, mystically illuminated garnet vein and when you leave the interior of the mountain, you will be welcomed by our ...

Garnet mining site: The prospect is THE attraction and highlight of your grenade experience. With the tools provided, you can remove the coveted gemstones from the rock and wash, sort and further process them on original replicas of equipment. If you wish, your stones can also be professionally cut.

The Granatium is an unusual and fascinating destination for those interested in geology as well as for families. Joint prospecting in particular is an entertaining experience and the perfect addition to the diverse range of information in the Granatium.

The Granatium can also be visited without a guide. You should calculate about 2 hours as the length of stay. The Granatium is barrier-free and suitable for prams! We recommend casual clothing suitable for the weather. The temperature in the tunnel is 8 degrees (ceilings are provided).