Jack Fraser is an atheist

B.log: Human, Lemmy ...

Lemmy, you gave us something to nibble on during the last few meters of the old year! Many of your fans seemed to think that day would never come - although of course they did actually knew better. You yourself have made no secret of the fact that your health has been anything but great in recent years.

You had been struggling with diabetes since 2000, and from 2013 you had an implanted defibrillator due to heart problems. And unfortunately you had to cancel concerts and tours in recent years due to your poor health.

You celebrated your 70th birthday on December 24th. On December 26th Then the shock: Doctors attested you had a severe and extremely aggressive cancer, which you supposedly had no idea about until then - and which you succumbed on December 28, 2015. Much faster than anyone ever thought possible!

One thing is clear: after you die, rock and roll will not be the same. The dismay and sympathy on social media these days has been overwhelming. I often take the time to read many of the comments and posts. And realize that not only metal fans are seriously affected. Just as many people mourn you who are not proven Motörhead fans. I find that remarkable!

And this is exactly where for me - besides the fact that you have played your ass with numerous bands on every imaginable stage on the planet since the early 1960s - the real core of the fascination that emanated from you. You were an original, an individualist, never let yourself be bent, never disguised yourself, always remained true to yourself! You could smoke like a chimney and drink like a hole - and still give credible warnings about hard drugs. You worked hard, persistently refined your career, but at no point submitted yourself to the establishment. Basically, you always treated your fellow human beings with respect and honesty, but you were also able to deal wonderfully with people who did not deserve your respect: lying politicians, sanctimonious church representatives, immoderate bankers. And spoke to countless people from the heart!

I always found your sayings wonderful. You once said to a reporter for "Rolling Stone": "Why am I an atheist? A virgin is impregnated by a ghost? Come on! Piss off!". This statement is also wonderful: "The summer of 1971 was great. Even if I can't remember it - I will never forget it!" And in your autobiography you explain: "You have to laugh in life. Laughter trains all facial muscles and keeps you young. Looking serious causes terrible wrinkles. I also recommend drinking heavily - it helps the sense of humor on the jumps."

I think it was this unique mixture of fairness, enormous life experience, a razor-sharp mind and, last but not least, a good dose of British humor and self-irony that made even people appreciate you who didn't know what to do with your music.

That also applies to me to a certain extent. Without being a declared fan, I found Motörhead cool, great, funny - and somehow important in today's fast-paced and often insubstantial times. Nevertheless, I was always an outspoken fan of you as a person, as a guy, and had to smile again and again when I saw an interview with you or read one of your many statements in the press!

I have never been able to understand your weakness for Nazi "devotional objects" alone. But trying to squeeze yourself into the right corner for that would very likely not do your person justice. In contrast, there is a life led with stoic persistence and conviction, the ways and expressions of which can hardly be reconciled with disgusting Nazi ideologies!

A good friend came to visit me tonight. Like me, he is not only a musician, but also a fan of good and honest rock music. We toasted you; with Jack Daniel's! That means something, because I am a fan of high quality Scottish single malt whiskeys. But we just wanted to end the evening with a toast to you and your life. And not with just any drink, but your favorite drink.

As I wrote at the beginning: You will leave a void in the rock scene. I'm sad. Rest in Peace, Ian Fraser "Lemmy" Kilmister - you were one of the good guys for me!


Dear bonedo visitors, I would like to conclude by presenting you with a few links to various Lemmy videos that are well worth seeing.

Here you can find a recording of a full-length Motörhead gig at the "Monsters Of Rock" festival in Buenos Aires in February 2015: