Where was your children's first birthday party

The first birthday: the best ideas for the party

The first birthday of your own child is a special event for the whole family. But don't worry. Nobody expects a lavish party on this day. And certainly not the birthday boy.

Create memories

Invite good friends. The baby is also happy when there is a party in a small group. It may not yet understand what it is about - but it is the focus and sees happy faces, which gives it pleasure.

The first children's birthday lives from the memories you create. So make a hearty invitation or have funny invitation cards printed with photos of your son or daughter for the first birthday. You can stick a copy in the photo album as a souvenir.

Don't forget to capture this joy with a video or photo. Your child will not remember their first birthday later. All the better if there are lots of photos or even videos. You can also design an album yourself or order a photo book.

Guests: less is more

Your baby will enjoy a small party more than a large party with many people. It is still too early to celebrate together with playmates of the same age from the crèche or crawling group. The best way to celebrate your first birthday is with the family and with God and God. The festival should begin after the child's nap and not last too long. Be sure to adapt the party to the usual bedtime of your junior.

The right birthday cake

The highlight of the festival is the moment when the birthday song is sung, the candle is blown out and the cake is eaten. Because what would a birthday be without the right cake? On the first birthday of your child, however, you should refrain from overly sweet chocolate cake or icing. There are even fine cake recipes without any sugar. In the first year of life, babies get along well without industrially produced sugar. The cake decoration can also be colorful and unusual without resorting to unhealthy fondant or sugar figures. Fresh strawberries or raspberries are also eye-catchers and taste sweet and fine. Famigros has collected various birthday cake recipes for you.

As an “eye-catcher” for the moment and for the photos, you can of course still place an icing one on the cake. Your child doesn't necessarily have to nibble on the sugar number.