Are we really alive?

How we really live

The distance between parts of the population and politics has grown, trust in our state institutions has become more fragile and we are increasingly experiencing political radicalization in society. Everyone is asked to look for solutions that help re-establish solidarity, trust and democratic institutions - including companies.

With the study “Wie wir really live ”we recorded the reality of life for people in Germany in 2020 and found out why some sections of the population are dissatisfied with political parties and actors in Germany. The results of the study provide a detailed insight into the reasons for the growing distance from politics.

Right from the start, we saw it as a mandate to enter into a dialogue about this and to look for answers together. We discussed with those responsible from politics, science and civil society which approaches are available for dealing with fears, excessive demands and dissatisfaction in our society. The results and the discussion encouraged us to continue the study.

This year the federal election will have a major impact on the political reality of the citizens. We are therefore convinced that this should also play a central role in this year's study. Therefore, we want to focus on the voting decision of citizens: What motivates them to vote? Why do you choose how you choose? And what is preventing citizens from voting?

We want to pursue these questions in a comprehensive study, the results of which will be available at the end of May 2021. A first insight into selected questions from the study and the current developments is already available today:

“In the end, I'm already with the CDU, they have always done well over the past few years. The SPD changes leadership too often, the Greens want too many bans, and the FDP wants to open everything too quickly. "

“I choose the people, not the parties. I want someone who is popular at the top who can assert himself in the end. "

"I would like to have a political home in the CDU again, not worrying so much anymore ... But they don't offer me that at the moment."

“My grandchildren should still live in a beautiful world, that's why I choose the Greens… I can't say anything specific about climate protection. The Greens will make sure that it works. "

"I always vote, I want to have an opinion and a voice, and I hope that my voice is heard ... Besides, all my friends and my mom go to vote, we all vote the same [...]."