Which countries sell the cheapest used cars

Used cars EU

The demand for used vehicles is currently very high. More and more potential car buyers would prefer to buy a cheap used car due to the high new vehicle prices. Because used vehicles are significantly cheaper compared to new vehicles - even very young used vehicles that are perhaps just a year old. This is mainly due to the fact that new cars experience an enormous loss of value in the first few years. So if you want to buy the cheapest possible car, then a used car is exactly the right choice.

By the way, you can save even more money when buying a used car if you opt for a used EU car. This refers to used vehicles that are brought to Germany from other European countries or from EU member states. These vehicles are usually much cheaper than the vehicles that have already been sold as new in Germany. The price difference to automobiles that were sold as new in Germany is due to the fact that these are offered at significantly lower prices in some countries, such as the Netherlands or Poland.

In the countries mentioned and in some other countries, the automobile manufacturers offer their vehicles at lower prices, which is due to the fact that they grant price reductions due to the market situation. Furthermore, the VAT rates in these countries are not so high that the cars are simply cheaper to buy. Many of these new vehicles are also transferred to Germany as so-called EU new vehicles and offered there at lower prices. The price advantage can be up to 25 percent depending on the manufacturer and vehicle model. The price advantage of a used car from the EU compared to a used car from Germany is not quite as high, but can also be in the range of up to 20 percent.

If you want to buy a used car in the EU, it is best to look for the relevant used car offers on the Internet. Many of these vehicles are offered on the well-known car exchanges and portals, so it shouldn't be difficult to get hold of a cheap used car from other European countries. There are also some car dealers who specialize in these vehicles and also offer the entire process.