What is the most terrifying fact that you know

Research shows that having a child is the worst decision of your life

A fact that the two cite: marriages and relationships suffer significantly after the birth of a child. The magazine Bustlereports that 70 percent of couples experience a relationship downturn in the first three years with a child. There can be many reasons for this: less intimacy, less money, disagreements about bringing up the child, and simply less time for each other overall.

The psychologist Ellen Walker writes in Psychology Today: "Marital satisfaction actually decreases after the birth of their first child. If a couple has the idea that a child will bring them closer together, they should reconsider."

Less money, sleep, and sex because of children

But not only intimacy, sleep is also something that parents have to forbear - and they probably know that best themselves. Parents lose six months of sleep in their first two years with baby, reportsMedical News Today. Ten percent even only get an average of 2.5 hours of sleep per night. Over 60 percent of parents with babies under 24 months of age get no more than 3 1/4 hours of sleep a night.

Not bad enough The financial situation is also changing drastically. According to WIFO-Study from 2003 (that is, the amount is likely to be significantly higher today) households with two adults and one child must have an income 16½% higher than a comparable household without children in order to achieve the same level of prosperity. The situation is even more drastic for single parents. The state would of course have to take greater care of financial security, especially for single parents.

Nevertheless, science says clearly: Having a child is a great challenge that one should be aware of - which of course should not prevent anyone from having children. It could only be romanticized a little less, so the tenor.