How do locksmiths make car keys

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That depends on the key and the age of the vehicle. In cars with an electronic immobilizer, the electronics are usually housed in the key head and you have to get a new one from the manufacturer. You can go to the locksmith for older cars that do not have this electronics.
Andre Thomas
If there is not a lot of high-tech in the key - there is a lot hidden in the key in luxury cars - it should be possible to have it copied by a specialist. To do this, you need the vehicle registration document. Otherwise, I advise you to go to the authorized dealer, who can definitely help you.
Nowadays, vehicle keys are so complex that they can only be replaced in a specialist workshop. especially with central locking etc. the keys have to be ordered from the manufacturer and then programmed on the respective trolley. but don't you have a replacement key?
Mirco Schmitt
As far as I know, a key maker is not allowed to imitate them; regardless of whether this would be possible at all. You actually have to go to the dealer where you bought the car. He'll order the key for you. I don't know whether this can also be done directly with the manufacturer, but I doubt it.
In most cases, you can easily buy top keys here, for example, and then have them cut by the locksmith in your location.
I did the same and was done quickly and cheaply.
Hello community, if you are in Munich or the surrounding area and want to have a car key copied, the process is quick and takes about 10 minutes, including electronics and programming of the immobilizer. Ready to drive, see for yourself more at
Gerald Heinrich
When I read answers like this, I just have to put it right:

"These days, vehicle keys are so complex that they can only be replaced in a specialist workshop."

It is very possible to have a replacement key made despite complex car keys.

Not only that you can have a complete replacement including radio remote control for a car key made. You can even buy spare parts for car keys. So if, as in this case, only the bit of the key broke through. Then you can, for example, order a new key bit online here:

So it is not always necessary to replace the entire key just because a part is broken or the housing is broken.
And that a replacement is only possible from the manufacturer for hundreds of euros, is a rumor that has been indestructible for many years.

I hope I have been able to provide some clarity on this subject with my answer.
Gerald Heinrich
I also found a link on this topic. There it is explained which possibilities exist for copying or grinding the key bit:

Imitate car keys

I hope I could help.
And these rumors of the inimitable car keys have come to an end.
Basically 90% of all car keys can now be duplicated, there is also a new list with the keys added in 2015, see: