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Dragon Ball Super: Broly - That's why the film lives up to the hype

The German launch of Dragon Ball Super: Broly is getting closer and closer and Broly's return has been a complete success so far. We explain to you why the film lives up to the hype.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly is currently baffling the film world, after all, it mixes up 20. Anime movie the Dragon Ball saga, the international box office properly. With currently around 89.6 million US dollars (via Box Office Mojo), Son-Goku's latest screen adventure is one true high-flyer and fans worldwide seem to agree: Broly's return lives up to the huge hype. But why is it that the first Dragon Ball Super film can boast such a success? Together with you we will get to the bottom of this question.

The Dragon Ball creator has a bigger impact on the movie

One of the decisive factors for the success of the film and the hype surrounding it is likely to be Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama, who once again worked on a screen offshoot of his successful franchise. Toriyama played a rather small part in the old films in the series, for example he created some character designs or was available for tips, suggestions and corrections. Since the publication of the OVA (Original Video Animation) Yo! Goku and his friends return !! from 2008, however, something has changed here, because for this story, which is in the timeline Two years after defeating the demon Boo, Toriyama contributed the script for the first time and thus had a greater influence on the story.

Son Goku as Super Saiyan Blue

In 2013 he was responsible for the script for the 18th Dragon Ball film, Dragon Ball Z: Clash of the Gods, which was to usher in the renaissance of the anime saga and kick off a whole series of new adventures. Although not all fans were convinced of the reorientation of the franchise, the film was generally very well received and showed two things in particular: Dragon Ball is still incredibly popular and Toriyama feels like telling new adventures in this world again. With Dragon Ball Super: Broly, both seem to be confirmed again, because especially the combination of Toriyama and his version of Broly is praised by many fans and fueled the anticipation and the hype within the community. Once again it is evident: In Toriyama we trust.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly delivers maximum fan service

Over the past 34 years, Dragon Ball has produced numerous characters who are loved by fans around the world. In addition to the main characters around Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo and Gohan Even characters that only appeared in the movies, OVAs or anime series could become fan favorites. Broly in particular, who celebrated his 25th birthday last year, has long been a fixture in the series and is incredibly popular not only in Japan, but especially here in the West. That this time Toriyama himself Broly and his story assumed, can also only benefit the character and based on the first votes within the community Toriyama seems to have hit the spot on this.

Broly as Super Saiyan Full Power

But Broly isn't the only fan favorite to return for the film. Next to the Legendary Super Saiyan we see other cherished characters again, some of them even for the first time on the big screen or in animated form. So Goku's father Bardock is also back and Goku's mother gine we see it for the first time in a Dragon Ball anime. At the end of the film, a very special character appears who has such a visually powerful exchange of blows with Broly that it mocks any description and even further fueled the international hype. Dragon Ball Super: Broly delivers maximum fan service. The film offers the fans exactly what they want and what the trailers already promised.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly gives fans what they ask for: more!

The TV anime Dragon Ball Super got off to a bumpy start in 2015, as many fans complained about the (unnecessary) adaptation of the last two Dragon Ball Z films and the fluctuating quality of the drawings and animations. After these teething troubles were overcome, Dragon Ball Super started an undreamt-of triumph and even became the eternal champion Gundam as the most commercially successful franchise in the Bandai Namco portfolio (via Anime News Network) from his throne. Since Final of the Dragon Ball Super Anime At the beginning of March, fans around the world are longing for more and the above reports about the film and the first trailer culminated in a huge hype about Dragon Ball Super: Broly.

Goku, Vegeta and Broly

So the film comes at exactly the right time, because shortly before its Japanese premiere, Toei Animation fueled the hype with fresh trailers, music videos and new snippets of information until it finally reached its peak. Toriyama's participation, the return of cherished characters, the timing and of course the brute action familiar from the franchise are currently taking the fans' breath away and should only fuel their desire for further adventures in the world of Son Goku. Dragon Ball Super: Broly is currently at the height of his hype, but this should not be the height of the franchise. Broly's return is probably just the beginning.

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