Why am I lazy and depressed

Depression paralyzes me or am I lazy?

Hello biggy,

as a self-employed person, it can happen to you that every now and then
everything becomes a bit much again.
I too was self-employed for many years.

Because of my independence, I cannot afford to be absent.

This is often a difficult topic for the self-employed. Please don't try
to get too involved in this thought.


I also have a lot to do with diabetic feet in my job, the responsibility is sometimes almost too high for me.

That is one side of your job. The other, very positive side is that you can help many people with theirs
Helping health decisively. And the responsibility that you bear should make you a little proud and
make you confident.

If I get up in the morning and go to the bathroom, I could go straight back to bed afterwards, for a long time
Time I am constantly tired, even though I sleep very well.

It sounds a little as if you occasionally lose your courage to face life.
Is your private life going differently than you always wanted it to be?
Or are you just missing someone who will tell you that you are good and important?


I used to like to go for a walk. My therapist advised me, of course, to get out more. However, I think back and forth for a long time before I go out:

You should try to overcome yourself to go for a walk. Running straight does that
Clear your head if you do this regularly.
For a while, at least, it significantly mitigates the uncomfortable brooding.


And then my therapist with his demands: I should join a self-help group, myself regularly
do sport and do more with friends. That's just unthinkable for me at the moment, come on
but hardly right now, and now I'm supposed to push myself into more appointments.

Please do not see this as a requirement. These are tips that you do not have to accept and implement, of course.

Depressive phases can come through, get drooped and have little exercise
be strengthened.
Do you have friends or acquaintances with whom you can always talk?


When I have a mountain of work and unfinished business in front of me at the weekend, I'm often like
paralyzed, usually only manage the bare minimum. And I detest myself for it.

Please don't blame yourself so much. It has nothing to do with being lazy.

It's an almost insurmountable obstacle for me when I'm supposed to call somewhere, I'm always afraid,
that I'm kind of embarrassing myself.

What you write here could be a point where you can start.
How long have you known this fear of embarrassing yourself?

Best regards and get well soon


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