Is night vision possible in real colors

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5.0 out of 5 starsVery good camera with practical day / night switching

Reviewed in Germany on May 7, 2017

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With its functions, this USB camera is very suitable as a surveillance camera. It has everything you need: communication via USB, beautiful recordings with 0.3 MP with a decent resolution (see below) and, if required: infrared LEDs for night recordings. I use them for wildlife photography. A function is very practical for this: I don't think it is immediately clear to everyone from the product description that this camera has a controllable infrared filter (IR filter). This means that it combines the advantages of normal cameras with IR filters (videos in true colors during the day) and cameras for night shots (cameras without IR filters) using infrared light. That means: During the day, a small motor pushes an infrared filter in front of the camera sensor. This means that real color recordings are possible in daylight. Cameras without an IR filter display the pictures in daylight either in black and white or in a kind of sepia color. Colors are not recognizable. At night, the IR filter is pulled away from the sensor again, so that recordings at night are now possible with the help of infrared light, just like with normal IR cameras.
To cut a long story short: you can admire everything in real colors during the day when the daylight is bright enough and at night you can also see everything with the help of infrared light.
This great function is controlled in the delivery state via the light sensor, which is located on the ring with the IR LEDs. This light sensor switches on the LEDs in the evening when it gets dark and at the same time serves as a signal generator for the motor to pull the IR filter away from the cover. In the morning, when it gets light, the sensor switches off the LEDs and the motor pushes the IR filter back in front of the camera.
However, if you are familiar with it, you can also control the PIN, which is used for control, and thus determine yourself when the filter is in front of the camera and when it is removed. But be careful here! It is certainly not a guarantee case if someone destroys the electronics because he makes a mistake in the control. Then you should rather use the light sensor, which is provided by the manufacturer as a signal transmitter.

Supported operating systems are:
WinXP / Vista / Win7 / Win8
Linux with UVC (linux-2.6.26 or higher)
MAC-OS X 10.4.8 or higher
Android 4.0 or higher with UVC

As far as I know, supported resolutions are:

640X480 MJPEG @ 30fps YUY2 @ 30fps // 352X288 MJPEG @ 30fps YUY2 @ 30fps
320X240 MJPEG @ 30fps YUY2 @ 30fps / 160X120 MJPEG @ 30fps YUY2 @ 30fps

For more information, please visit the ELP manufacturer's website. The service is also very good and answers all questions quickly and competently!

Due to the movable IR filter, the camera is a bit larger compared to other, pure IR cameras that I own. But the advantage of this movable filter is simply undeniable and super practical!
So five stars for a very good product.