What is a merlion


Singapore  Merlion - symbol of the city   

The Merlion is a mythical creature and the symbol or mascot of Singapore. It represents a figure that is half fish, half lion and hence the name that comes from it Mermaid (mermaid) and lion (Lion) composed. The development of such a figure was put out to tender in the 1960s by the Singapore Tourism Authority and developed and implemented by Fraser-Brunner.

The Merlion is a well-known sight and one of the most popular photo opportunities for tourists. The 8.6m high and 40t heavy statue originally stood at the Esplanada Bridge and can now be found at the mouth of the Singapore River. It was inaugurated in 1972.

The Merlion is supposed to unite the connection between the city and the sea as well as with the name of the city (Lion City). The name comes from Sanskrit and is composed of singha = lion and pura = city. The emblem is a symbol of wealth, pride and strength.

If this statue isn't enough for you, there are four other Merlion statues to admire in town:
- the first is immediately behind it, but is only 2m tall
- on the island of Sentosa there is a 37m high version that is accessible
- There is a 9m high statue at the Tourism Court
- another three meters high stands on Mount Faber's Faber Point