What is the coolest browser

Smartphone browser for Android - which one is the best choice?

Google Chrome - minimalist, slim and fast

Anyone who thinks of smartphone browsers will - in addition to the various pre-installed applications from the individual manufacturers - usually directly think of Google Chrome. The search engine giant has an impressive standing, especially on mobile devices. Of course, this is partly due to the fact that this browser also preinstalled on many Android devices is. Nevertheless, with this smartphone browser, the user makes a good choice in many ways. The Google homepage already presents frequently visited websites as a useful feature. This means that you can access popular content with just one click. And the Android version of Google Chrome has a few more advantages:

  • Special data saving mode
  • All functions can be accessed via a simple menu
  • Generally very clear design
  • Convenient switching between several open tabs

The bottom line is that Google Chrome can be described as an extremely solid smartphone browser that scores with its minimalist look and general concentration on the essentials. This means that you can surf the mobile Internet quickly and comfortably with Chrome.

Firefox - the classic with numerous special functions

Microsoft Internet Explorer versus Mozilla Firefox - that was once the battle on desktop computers around the world. A fight the Open source browser Firefox won with many users. And that although the Microsoft browser, unlike its competitor, was known to be preinstalled on every desktop PC. But let's jump into the here and now: Of course, Mozilla insisted on developing a Firefox smartphone browser. This is particularly interesting for all fans of the classic who also use it on a desktop computer. The most important plus points at a glance:

  • Practical sync function between PC and mobile phone
  • Numerous special functions and setting options
  • Loading of images can be restricted to WiFi networks
  • The only smartphone browser to load web content via the Gecko engine

The latter point in particular speaks in favor of having Firefox installed at least on the smartphone. This is because some pages, which other browsers have problems displaying, could still be displayed correctly. All in all, Mozilla proves with the Firefox smartphone browser that the company has not forgotten anything over the years.

Opera - diverse control functions for professionals

Opera is a smartphone browser that one or the other user will probably be familiar with from the old Nokia days. Because this browser was once used as part of the Finnish manufacturer's Symbian operating system. A modern version of Opera can be found on Google Play, and not just from an optical point of view fresh and tidy works. However, you shouldn't be fooled by the initially rather minimalist appearance, because the browser from Norway is the perfect choice, especially for control freaks. Because hardly any of the competitors offers such a multitude of setting options. What speaks for Opera as a smartphone browser:

  • Quick access to functions through practical bars
  • A variety of setting options (also) for experienced users
  • Save data volume through video compression
  • Easily switch to incognito tabs

If you want to configure your smartphone browser as individually as possible, you can do everything right with the Opera for Android. Beginners may be a little overwhelmed with one or the other function - all the more the professionals get their money's worth here.