Who founded the Sikh religion


If you see someone with a turban in Germany, he or she is almost certainly a Sikh and belongs to the Sikhi religious community. The Sikhi is an independently recognized religion with its own traditions, identifying features and holy scriptures.

The religion has its origin in India

The word 'Sikh' means 'student' and comes from the Sanskrit language. Today most Sikhs speak Punjabi. The Punjabi language is spoken in northern India. There the religion of the Sikhs was founded in the 15th century. Most of the world's more than 30 million Sikhs live in Panjab, India. Many of them also live in North America or Great Britain. There are around 30,000 Sikhs in Germany.
The Sikhs believe in a god called 'Waheguru'. He has no form and is neither man nor woman. According to Sikhi teaching, all people are the same - regardless of their gender, origin or religion.

The Sikh identity

All devout Sikhs have very long hair. They do not cut their hair as they see their body as part of God's creation. According to the Sikhi, it is perfect and should not be changed. That is why cutting your hair or shaving your beard is taboo. The uncut hair is worn by both male and female Sikhs under an artfully tied turban, also called a dastar. Twice a day the Sikhs comb their hair with a wooden comb, the kanga. This is one of the religious characteristics of the Sikhi, just like the kachha, the white cotton shorts that are worn under clothing like underwear. In addition, all Sikhs wear a karha, the iron bracelet. The kirpan, a small sword worn by devout Sikhs, is also special. This symbolizes the defense of the weak and innocent.

The Gurdwara

On Saturdays or Sundays, the Sikhs meet in Gurdwara, the community center. Here they pray and sing together. Then there is the langar, a free meal. Everyone is allowed to eat - including people of other religions. You sit together on the floor and there are vegetarian dishes.

The world's largest langar takes place in the great Golden Temple in Amritsar, India. Over 100,000 people are supplied with food here every day. Everyone who cooks, distributes food and does the dishes here do it on a voluntary basis, i.e. voluntarily and without payment.

Same surnames for women and men

Many Sikhs share the same surname as an expression of brotherhood. Men’s last name is Singh, which means lion. The women's last name is Kaur, which stands for princess.

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