Why do Protestant evangelical churches not have nuns?

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Are there also Protestant orders and monasteries?

Yes, there are also Protestant and spiritual communities that are equal to the traditional Catholic orders. The most famous Protestant order is probably the Order of St. John, which has meanwhile built up an extensive network of assistance.

Just as deeply rooted in evangelical piety are the so-called deaconess and deacon associations or houses, which take on many social services and also join together to form spiritual communities.

Spiritual communities of the stricter observance (i.e. those who take the three classic vows - the so-called evangelical counsels - poverty, chastity and obedience) and those with more open forms of participation can be found largely completely on the EKD homepage (www.ekd.de).

The EKD recently published a short text on the subject of "Living Bindingly", the preface of which was given by the Chairman of the EKD Council, Bishop Dr. Wolfgang Huber, shows the occasions and reasons for these mental movements in brief lines.

The question was answered by Oberkirchenrat Dr. Thies Gundlach, Head of the Preaching, Church Services and Works Department in the Church Office of the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD).