Why is bridal makeup so difficult

Tips from the make-up artist: This is what you should keep in mind with bridal make-up

For many couples, it should be the best day in life: the wedding. It is understandable that the bride wants to be perfectly staged on her big day. Bridal make-up is a success with these tips.

Red lips? Dark eyeliner? Counting? When it comes to bridal makeup, many women are unsure. After all, you want to look perfect on your big day and still be able to look back proudly on your wedding pictures 20 years from now.

We spoke to make-up artist Katharina Glassl from Guerlain and asked her: What makes good bridal make-up and, more importantly, how does it last all day?

Interview with make-up artist Katharina Gassl

GALA: What shouldn't be missing from bridal make-up in your eyes?
Katharina Gassl: Glow! (laughs). Lots of glow - but also like nudy tones, beautiful lips, open eyes. But otherwise it's really Glow, that's really essential for bridal make-up. Here I use a highlighter to emphasize everything that stands out on the face: cheekbones, the area around the eyes, the upper lip and the bridge of the nose.

Is there also a no-go?
As a bride, there are basically not that many no-gos. It is more important to pay attention to what type of bride the bride is and what suits her. For example, I find it inappropriate when a bride is more of a natural type and she steps in front of the altar with smokey eyes on her big day. A real no-go for wedding guests, for example, is to overdo it when it comes to make-up and thereby steal the show from the bride.

... and what do you think of a bride's red lips?
Difficult! Not because it doesn't look good, but because a dull shade of red on lips also requires a lot of care. You have to keep tightening it so that it looks good and doesn't look crumbly - and which bride has time for that on her big day? Even when exchanging kisses during the ceremony, you have to expect that the groom will suddenly enjoy red lips too. But: If a bride particularly likes her lips and likes to focus on them, then this should also be implemented in the bride's make-up. I tend to recommend gloss rather than lipstick because that's the least stressful thing to do.

So when it comes to bridal styling, you're more in the eye make-up team.
Yes, you can say that. It is not for nothing that it is said that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. They express an incredible amount of emotions - so they are made to be emphasized on the bride's big day.

Are you a fan of fake lashes?
Yes why not. However, I would work with individual lashes a lot more than a whole lash band - that makes the look more natural.

And when it comes to eyeshadow: what does a bride always do well with?
The eye shines with an eyeshadow color in the complementary color of the eye color. For example, if you have green eyes, eyeshadows in the red and purple areas work wonders. However, if you want something more natural, it is best to choose light nuances in the colors beige, rose or brown for your eyes. A light silver or gold tone also looks great.

Bridal make-up: this is how it lasts

The be-all and end-all of bridal make-up is its durability. How do you get your makeup to last all day?
I use a primer under the foundation as well as on the eyelids and lips. Because the creamy, powdery consistency of a primer adheres well to the skin and prepares it perfectly for make-up.

On the day itself, one or two tears of joy are sure to flow with the bride. Is that why you tend towards a waterproof mascara?
To be honest, I am generally not a fan of waterproof masscara. Because waterproof really means that I can go diving with the mascara on my eyelashes. Nowadays, the majority of mascaras are already water-resistant. This is completely sufficient and is also gentler on the eyelashes when you remove the make-up later.

How does contouring work without it appearing too bold?
I prefer to use a terracotta tone for contouring. I place the brush on the face at ear level and walk along the cheek to the center of the face. The darkest point should be created here. Then I apply the brush to the middle of the forehead near the hairline and run over the temple and cheekbone to the middle of the face and from there it goes back to the temple and down along the jaw contour to the chin. The movement is similar to recording a three.

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Is there an ideal makeup order?
You started with the Foundation first - why? I always prefer to start with the primer first and then work on to eye make-up. The simple reason for this is that before I experiment with eyeshadow & Co. I already have a harmonious image of the skin and can then build on it. With really dark eyeshadow colors or smokey eyes, I would also start with the eyes, otherwise you run the risk of the color sticking to the sensitive eye area, but otherwise I recommend starting with the foundation.

That should be in the bride's SOS beauty bag

What products do you recommend for a bride's SOS kit?
A setting powder without covering power is essential - especially for oily skin types - otherwise the make-up will get darker and darker. And otherwise the lipstick or lip gloss, which was initially used in the bridal look, should not be missing.

Is there a particular bridal makeup trend that has developed over the past few years?
The focus is clearly not so much on the eyelashes, but rather on the eyebrows. Comb up, balance gaps, fix: eyebrows should be given a lot of attention even on the big day.

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