What's the easiest smoothie recipe

Smoothie recipes - easy and healthy


Healthy smoothie recipes

Smoothies ensure that the daily nutritional requirements are met by the way. In everyday life, which is often stressful, it is not that easy to get enough vitamins. The optimal amount is five servings of fruit and vegetables per day. A no brainer for smoothies! They provide the body with nutrients and healthy energy.


Smoothie recipes with fruit

The most common are smoothie recipes with fruit. Which varieties go into the mixer depends entirely on personal taste and the season. Bananas are ideal as a filling base. Mango, pineapple or kiwi go well with it. In summer, fresh berries, nectarines, apricots, peaches or melons are ideal ingredients for smoothie recipes.

The addition of liquids such as water, fruit juice or coconut water makes smoothies particularly creamy. Honey, agave syrup or dried dates provide additional sweetness. You can achieve a long-lasting satiety effect by adding oat flakes or chia seeds.


Smoothie recipes with vegetables

If you like it hearty, you can mix a smoothie made from vegetables and fresh herbs. Leafy vegetables like spinach, Swiss chard and rocket are best. But cucumber, celery, beetroot or radishes can also be processed into delicious, healthy smoothies. If the pure vegetable mix tastes too bitter, simply mix in an apple or fruit juice.


Smoothie Maker and Co. for mixing

Healthy and tasty smoothies have become an absolute trend drink. Whether it's sweet fruit puree to drink or a bitter mix of salads: smoothies are conquering supermarkets. However, they are comparatively expensive and often quite a calorie bomb. Smoothie makers ensure that you can make the trendy drink yourself at home according to your personal preferences. The compact kitchen helpers are easy to use and support a healthy diet. We show what you should look out for when buying and which smoothie makers are particularly recommended.

Instead of using a special smoothie maker, you can also use a stand mixer: These are the best stand mixer models. Alternatively, a hand blender can also be used.

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