There are crocodiles in Perth, Australia

Crocodiles Australia: giant reptiles in salt and fresh water

Crocodiles in Australia is available in both salt water (Saltie) and fresh water (Freshie). While the saltwater crocodile can reach a size of over seven meters and is thus undoubtedly the undisputed giant of Australian waters, the up to three meters tall freshwater crocodiles are more likely to be classified as harmless. Both reptile species live exclusively in the tropical north of the red continent and can very likely be observed in the wild during specific explorations of certain regions.


Info about Salties

Saltwater crocodiles are mainly found in coastal waters, mangrove swamps and estuaries in Western Australia, the Northern Territory and Queensland, but can also sometimes be found in swamps and freshwater lakes. Salties feed mainly on fish, mammals, birds and smaller conspecifics. When the reptile has reached its full size, there are no more natural enemies apart from humans. The young animals, on the other hand, are hunted by larger predatory fish, birds of prey and adult conspecifics. Since "salties" can be dangerous for humans, warning signs are attached wherever the reptiles like to be. Especially at popular bathing spots, such as billabongs, rivers or beaches, you can usually find clearly visible indications of a possible occurrence of reptiles. The signs are often provided with certain rules of conduct (e.g. when fishing) in order to provide the best possible information about the acute dangers and to prevent unwanted incidents.


Info about Freshies

Freshwater crocodiles in Australia are actually found wherever conditions are good for them and there is enough freshwater. So you can find the ancient reptiles in all kinds of water holes or in salt-free inland waters. Their preferred foods include fish, crabs, reptiles and birds. "Freshies" are usually quite shy and only attack people when they feel threatened by them or when they see their offspring in danger.

By the way: Since the reptiles were hunted in earlier times and a large part of the offspring did not survive the first year, their numbers decreased significantly. Wild crocodiles have been under nature protection in Australia since 1971 and are no longer allowed to be hunted. If this law is disregarded, a very high fine, possibly even a prison sentence, is incurred. This in turn caused an enormous increase in the population in the last few decades, which is why there is now renewed discussion about introducing controlled hunting. Furthermore, the animals are bred on farms in order to later process them into leather or to sell their meat to restaurants.


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